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The Best Art Class on the Internet?

What would it look like?

It would have to encompass the ability to bring out the absolute essence of the soul taking the class. It would most definitely strive to accommodate every type of artist of on the face of the earth, that they may find the path to their inner expression, effortlessly.

There would have to be a spiritual component that is able to navigate the artist to unexplored vistas of the cosmos of their imagination connected to source.

This would of course send sparks flying around the artists brain into their heart and hand whereby original-magic is accomplished and art-sovereignty reached.

Every lesson would need to be short, sweet and effective and include a positive affirmation; people are so hard on themselves and too quick to self-judgement which hinders their natural, creative flow.

Clarity and simplicity wins the medal to do this.

Any artist who has muddled their way through trying to paint successfully yet not happy with the results is asked to start from scratch and buckle down and get the basics back under their belt. A fresh start will get fresh, clean results and create an art map in order to go straight to your creative destination.

Most of all the artist must be satisfied with the results!

You can check out my SPLAT! School of Fine Art Here if you like my art-teaching philosophy. The introduction is free!

BONUS!!!! You can enter to win an Oil on Canvas Original by Jane Evershed here:

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