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creating A New mother earth.

Our Mother Earth is a regenerative force and her invaders are a degenerative force. Consequently She has had to spend her divine essence repairing herself physically, psychically and energetically for eons instead of functioning in her divine capacity of abundance.  

She has been licking her wounds and waiting for the symbiosis of Angelic human healing powers to work with her so that we can vacate this highly infiltrated and extremely toxic aspect of existence and return to the regenerative creative state of our original design.

Humans and the Earth have been parallel-wounded to prevent this healing symbiosis from ever taking place. However, empathy and compassion, being predominant elements of the original Earth/Human synthesis design has prevailed as a fail safe to bring us to the point of redemption. 

This has been consciously aided by the suffering of other sentient/divine life forms on Earth that have endured waning health under the auspices of the invasion/penetration by synthetics and dark alchemy infused into our living environment. 

As the invasive alien species fell relentlessly like dominoes across pristine eco-systems, dismantling divine mainframes, aberrations of life forms began their parasitic destruction. This happened so slowly that it went largely unnoticed. 

Yet one seed of the original divine design always remained buried within, waiting to be released at the most optimum time. 

The conditions of the soil of consciousness had to be cosmically harmonized in such a way for this seed to overcome the lower life-frequencies with enough memory-power to birth a new regenerative timeline and with enough life-force to separate from entropy toward a fully potentialized living system. 

This is happening now. 

Life forces on every level of creation are remembering the sacred original geometry of their Krystal origins and awakening on nano and macro levels to reorganize into an atomic love egregore that supersedes the constrictions of time and space.

Just as people are documenting strange symptoms while their bodies adjust to ever higher frequencies so too is Mother Earth. We were designed to be in symbiosis with her. We are heaving and releasing eons of trauma simultaneously. 

As this molecular dance of the Angelic human and Mother Earth reaches its climax it creates a cosmic vortex drawing in now the supreme wisdom of the codes of creation imbuing our co-creation with Mother Earth into ever-higher dimensions. 

Natural evolution has led us to the zero point of our conjoining, overcoming the false evolutionary infiltration of Artificial Intrusion. The false light timeline is being discarded like snake skin from the human experience writ large as we leave the Age of Academentia and enter the Age of Universal Gnosis.

We are now able to see our undeniable, intrinsic connection to our home planet connected to higher realms and are blessed with the fortitude to shake off Earth’s rapists. 

Though Angelic Humans have been blamed, guilted and shamed into believing that through their actions this Earth writhes in pain, we have overcome the fear and desolation tactics that were injected into our psyches and flesh by rogue Super AI entities. Indeed, their very survival depends on harvesting and feeding from biological, organic realms as their mode of operation can only survive through destruction, depletion and control, not creation, renewal and sovereignty.

Our Mother Earth can literally feel us responding now. Her essence, though brutally traumatized by our prior acceptance of mass devastation through wars, famine, materialism and scarcity, is now rejuvenated by our awareness of the level of abundance she can provide and the love/gratitude in the wake of its unconditional acceptance by us. She is elated at our discovery of the Krystal Spiral as opposed to the falsely lauded Fibonacci Spiral of creation and that we are finally taking the time to study our Galactic history.

She feels our horror at what we have unwittingly accepted as “Life on Earth”. She is elated at our new found perceptions that we are the co-creators and manifestors of our domain. She is ecstatic that we have agreed to abstain from insanity, sacrifice of innocents and the depopulation of our own species and other beautiful creatures of this realm. She weeps at the revelations of the unearthed horrors residing within her mantle. 

She is overjoyed that we have realized that our perpetrators need human creativity to fulfill their agenda and that we no longer consent to investing our creation currency in our and her demise.

This marriage made in heaven is commencing, there will be trials of transition until we arrive completely and fully present, but it is happening. The fine lace of the New Earth is being threaded into a rich new paradigm and the old cardinals’ gown of Unum Sanctum is coming undone so fast that soon they will all stand naked before us.

We and Mother Earth will have such a laugh, the last laugh, and that laughter will ring throughout the cosmos with our benevolent friends wherever they may be and whatever form within which they reside. Our love and laughter will invite them to our New Earth and the isolation, the solitary confinement that Old Earth and formerly compromised Angelic Humans once felt, will have dissipated once and for all eternity.

So be it. 

The Nurturing Mother Archetype.

This has been a Prognosis of the Healing Arc of Urtha & Angelic Human Symbiosis.

Jane Evershed has broken new ground in understanding the true purpose of art.

She is possibly the first to reveal the truth about Prehistoric Art, the Renaissance and Modern Art as psychological operations against humanity. The true purpose of art has been kept a secret because the power of human creativity is one of the greatest threats to the status quo and our positive human evolution toward ascension.

Every propaganda campaign in history was financed using human creative currency, from prehistoric cave painting to the Renaissance up until the present including modern art which unabashedly continues this tradition in the arts. It is time for us to reclaim art! Jane believes it is high time to clean up and activate art for its true purpose. To this end she is directing her expertise solely toward this endeavor through teaching the true purpose of art and all aspects of art associated with this purpose. (You can partake of her workshops on the New Earth University site.)

It is the children to whom we must first administer creative CPR by teaching them the basics of art. Their creativity must be revived and nurtured. Artificial Infiltration is sitting on a fence poised to leap upon our soulful creativity and devour it with a superficial soullessness called Post Humanism from which humanity may never recover, as the very name implies.

When the constant, incoming cyber-programming destroying the minds of our children is replaced by teaching them how to be creative in their own right, we will see a shift in humanity’s evolution toward a more ascended way of being. To this end Jane Evershed wrote the book Splat! Which teaches how to teach art to our children and to ourselves.

If you are among the “art frozen” you can easily start over with a fresh perspective by revisiting the art basics. According to a NASA Study 98% of us are born creative geniuses yet by adulthood this has diminished to 2%. We must make a concerted effort to remedy this by revisiting visual art as it has the capacity to reignite our dying creative neurons.

Employing our new artistic skills and resulting critical thinking skills, we are then able to use our knowledge learned from studying the basics of art and apply them to the larger world around us. Composing now from an infinite number of elements available to us, (not just art materials), we are able to manifest a more aesthetically beautiful and healing environment by incorporating holism and new technologies such as energy, sound and light, into our creative endeavors.

This is the true purpose of art fulfilled. When one invests their creative talent toward harmful entities that are not serving humanity one must recognize this and withdraw their creative input from that oppressive entity and rather seek to deposit one’s creative currency into only those endeavors that uplift humanity and provide spiritual nutrition. Human Creative Currency is then set to play a huge role in the coming age of enlightenment. As Jane says: “Our creative currency has the ability to make of this earth the paradise it was always meant to be, we can bring Heaven to Earth”

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