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Return to Self & Source

"Our collective creation currency is about the only thing we have left to heal this planet and bring it to the place where peace and harmony, pure joy and love are the flavors of every day of our existence, to savor and to relish."

You are your own best life coach. No-one on earth knows you like you do.

The minute you pay someone to fix your mind or elevate you in any way, you have entered the false light matrix of reaching out for external help.

It is between you and Source. 

Anyone stepping in between you and Source thinks they know more or are better than you, no different than the Pope himself officially standing there with his tip jar and his toe out over the line between you and heaven.

Indeed, upon the dispatched orders of organized religion to us, to seek the light during our transition, many of us are rerouted from our true journey home and recycled again and again like old coke bottles to live out yet another meaningless life of obedience until we break. This must end.

We have been taught to look outside ourselves for answers throughout all our lifetimes which is why we keep landing back on Earth, (unless of course we chose by our own volition to return for a specific higher purpose).

You may take inspiration from reading about others who have been “successful” in life and you can attend all the seminars, and read all the advice in the world, spending your entire life doing so and never reach that sweet, sweet spot where you fall back with a sigh and say to yourself, I am home!

The truth is you were always home. If you never intentionally harmed anyone, you never did anything wrong and you never made any “mistakes”. There is nothing wrong with you. You are a unique human with a unique set of circumstances that nobody else in the world has.

Your greatest wealth lies in the accumulated experiences only you have had and what your life has taught you thus far. These constitute the greatest experiences you will ever have. 

You are unique in every way, like a fine piece of art there is only ever one original. No art is better than any other art, it’s just different. You have fought for and won, proverbial medals, you have been a celebrity in the minds of others, a savior of sorts for people who needed your help and you have changed people’s lives in ways you may never even know about. If you have teared up upon seeing a homeless person give their last few coins to someone in more need than them, you know what I am talking about. 

So why do you feel so insignificant and unaccomplished? Because of that one time you made an absolute fool of yourself, because like so many others you have an addiction, because you don’t have a lot of money? Because the world is so big and you are so little?

You just never acknowledged that your life is divine. Just ponder a moment on the intricacies of the physical body that was gifted to you upon your birth. Just think of all the wars and poisons and assaults humans have had to endure from external malevolent sources and we are still here?

That alone should make you feel like a hero still standing against all odds.

Truly no one can help you except yourself. When you decide that you are not a victim of anything, or poor, or suffering and that everything in your life is perfectly aligned to your journey toward ascension, tailor made for you by divine intervention your spirit will soar at the potential of who you really are.

When you think about it, in a world of billions of people even the well known celebrities are not that great and all of them are “products” of a system that can only survive by feeding off your creation currency by controlling you with their worthless fiat paper currency and stirring you up with fear.

In fact our collective creation currency is about the only thing we have left to heal this planet and bring it to the place where peace and harmony, pure joy and love are the flavors of every day of our existence, to savor and to relish.

So, how do we use our creation currency to consciously evolve?

First we have to acknowledge that creation currency is intrinsic to us. We were all born with it. It is the most valuable asset on Earth, far exceeding any platinum or gold, silver or cash. Creation comes in every form imaginable. Anything you love, or are passionate about can be creatively enhanced. Every area of our existence can be improved with our imagination and inherent ability to manifest. Just glance around you right now and note the improvements you could make. 

So far most of us have been entrained to give our creation currency away to entomb us in a system that does not seek to enhance our lives or bring us closer to that peace and harmony that everyone yearns for. At most, after a tedious life of spending our creation currency on someone else’s dream we may get our long-awaited special desire fulfilled by the time we are too old or sick to really enjoy it.

Imagine if each one of us sat up one day and took absolute stock of the world around us and said: “I am going to do something to bring humanity closer to our divine destiny. I am going to stop spending my creation currency on anything that fails to serve the greater good in any way. I am going to use my creation currency that aligns with my unique passions and talents in this realm to change whatever I can. I am going to forget about the currency of money and go with the blind faith that the heavens and the wind of cosmic wisdom are at my back guiding me toward my true destiny and who I really am.” 

Now why would anyone in their right mind do that? 

Many of us are still comfortable, we have food and shelter and families that love us, why rock the boat, turn everything upside down and create potential chaos in one’s life?

Because it’s the only thing left to do. 

If you are in an industry that harms the planet or her people in any way, start planning your escape just as you would from a toxic relationship.

If you love gardening start growing food, if you love aesthetically beautiful places, start designing them, if you are mad that the earth has been poisoned devise ways to clean it up. If you love cooking, make delicious healthy food and take it to hungry people to enjoy. If you love working with kids, rescue them from the claws of the techno-usurpation monster and other worse predators. If you are skilled in any area think creatively about how you can help humanity evolve toward Unity Consciousness.

If you are mad about being lied to about almost everything, take your specialty area of interest, find out the truth behind it, and reveal it to the world. Its time that everyone stopped spending their hard-earned conventional currency on supporting all the lies and whip their creation currency out of their back pocket to begin a never ending spending spree of all the love within that is craving to get out and express itself.

So what comes first?  

They say that first you must work on yourself before you can help anyone else. This is another trick to delay the positive evolution of humanity! You could take the rest of your life working toward perfecting yourself, it will never happen. 

When you begin the journey of extending yourself out toward the greater good you learn about yourself faster than anything else can teach you. The gratification received from the adventure of delivering your talents by way of your highest self, in service, is your greatest teacher.  It also replaces any false sense of euphoria acquired by partaking of any mind-numbing concoctions you may have a preference for. Get your “unperfect” self out there!

The journey of finding out who you really are compels a deeper and deeper quest for truth by default. You want your mind to be functioning at its highest possible capacity in order to accomplish your dream and make it a reality. 

A divinely followed path will always lead you to where you need to be at the right moment, this is the way of universal wisdom. One can only be connected to cosmic wisdom in the act of creation whilst questing their dream. 

If you are on the wrong path universal wisdom will trip you up and send you in the right direction, sometimes even to places you thought were far out of your reach or unexpected places and scenarios you had never even thought about before. Your life will become multi-dimensional. You will look back fondly at your old self and say “Hasta la vista baby”.

Instead of modeling ourselves after insects such as worker bees, (no offense to precious bees), delivering our honey to a system that harvests our energy to sweeten its own nefarious agenda, we will become divine functionaries of galactic healing and creation, once again connected to all that is, in oneness. 

This at first may sound like some idealistic unattainable notion of disillusionment. It is not. As we refine our latent skills of manifestation we will rely more and more on our divine intuition for answers. Our natural clairvoyant abilities will return and we will once again be able to heal ourselves on every level imaginable as we return to our original organic source codes. When this occurs the Earth and her surrounding etheric frequencies will rise to a point where they will disintegrate non-life-affirming systems that currently erode the sacred life essence within Earth’s morphogenetic field. These holographic synthetic systems will slough off like a scab on a wound, along with all the nasty parasites that once feasted thereupon.  

As we collectively decide to be and remember who we really are as the multidimensional beings that we forgot that we once were, the world will begin to magically glow with the love that comes from all the lives collectively living lives of passionate purpose, deeper meaning and enlightened soulfulness.

But you already knew all this before I said it didn’t you. 

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