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Painting From The Soul; Personalized Lesson Plans Are Here!

I have been painting for forty years and now its time for me to share my secrets!

One-on-one Zoom consultations with Jane Evershed are now available!

First introductory session is FREE!

Tell me where you are at on your art journey and we can go from there!

I will create a personalized lesson plan to get you moving confidently in the right direction with your art. Custom designed, just for you.


Once you have done your "Art Playwork" we can assess your progress in another, one-on-one session. You can choose to continue your personalized lesson plan or decide to move forward in your work without any further tuition. Its up to you.


40 minute session: $80

Click here to schedule your appointment today!

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Hear my art philosophy  on You Tube here

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