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 Learn Art in 10 Steps!

How to face a blank canvas& reclaim your artistic sovereignty


Once you learn the basics of art there is a magic trick that can take you ahead of your game in art, this is what I teach.

However I can only teach it once all the basics are in place because you can’t have one without the other. You can refine skills until the cows come home and draw better than the greatest master, yet your work will still seem mediocre.
For your art to stand out it needs to have something different. The uniqueness of your soul expressed. That is what moves people. That is what stands out.
When people see that depth of expression, they relate to it because it mirrors what is in their soul too.
I teach how to access this magic place and give you the basic tools to get there. You can spend the rest of your life refining your skills and creating better and better paintings instead of wasting years and years wallowing around in a skill set that any Adobe program can now create in a few clicks.


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Holistic Art-Teaching and Learning; SPLAT 




Art Teachers


When I was a child I had a mentor that nurtured the artist in me,

it changed my life. You can be that person for someone you love and

see the artist within, yearning to be free! There are parents or grandparents

wanting to teach art to their aspiring-artist children or grandchildren

yet they do not consider themselves qualified to teach art. UNTIL NOW!

SPLAT! teaches how to gift them with an artistic skill

that they will have for the rest of their lives,

and they will always remember, because it was so much fun!










Aspiring beginner artists from 6 to 99!


EDUCATIONAL; The beginner student is shown in ten easy steps the full-spectrum-basics of visual art. SPLAT relieves the teacher from personal preference in teaching art and ultimately allows the student untethered creativity. It is a holistic approach that touches on all basic aspects of visual art, including one secret step that is often overlooked!. I believe that there are millions of art teachers waiting for this teaching method to resolve many art-teaching issues. I have heard many sad tales from art students in the public schools about their art lesson experiences.


GENERAL; The teaching method provides just enough basic information for aspiring artists to decide which direction to take their creative flair. There are many people of different ages and stages in art that would benefit from SPLAT. My method of teaching art is a first in its field and was created as a tool for artists to develop their own unique, sovereign style. It is a launching pad for artists to move forward unencumbered by any exterior ideals of what constitutes “good” visual art.


PARENTS; A parent who has never touched a paintbrush can use these classes to teach their children art, SPLAT simplifies the vast complexity of art into a manageable and easily teachable subject. The child is taught how to take what is special inside themselves and express it through art.

FRIENDS; If you have a friend who would be interested in SPLAT! please share their e-mail. Thank you in advance! 

I have some introductory videos here:

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