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It has been a very long road to arrive at Painting from the Soul.

About a decade ago I came to a fork in the road. It would have been easy to take the path of least resistance and go with the trending flow.

However, I did not choose that path. I had moved to the woods on a river and Mother Earth surrounded me each day in many beautiful, bountiful ways. This changed me.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen

I had been creating art for 25 years with a feminist bent but now the Divine Feminine was calling. Usually I would publish a new series of notecards and almost every bookstore in the country would order them. No-one was interested in my Remembering the Divine Feminine series.

That was when I realized that Feminism is a part of an agenda that I had been faithfully serving, hence my previous success.

The first wave of feminism was all about empowering women in a world where so many women were considered second-class citizens, it was easily embraced for obvious reasons by billions of women worldwide. However as feminism became more radical over the years it became rather ugly in my view. On researching the origins of Feminism I found that it was indeed a construct and my suspicions that it was purposefully implemented into our culture at-large toward a nefarious agenda was true!

In the United States there are over 2000 think tanks working diligently each day to influence how we think and act. One of the best examples of this is when the cigarette companies unveiled women smoking during a Macy's Day Parade in new York. Prior to this it was taboo for women to smoke and largely considered the domain of men-only; those smoky backroom clubs where all the "big deals" are made. After it aired across the country that women were smoking at the parade, the cigarette companies almost doubled their profits overnight. It was now trendy for women to smoke. Such was the genius of one, Edward Bernays, an early pioneer in the art of propaganda, I call him Mind Mayonaise.

Once one grasps how simple it is to sway the masses in this way, one can see how feminism slowly devolved from harmless, simple empowerment into naked screaming banshees on public streets demanding personal pronouns.

The Rockefeller Institute is one such think tank that slowly fed the Feminist movement a veritable banquet of propaganda to shape it into what it has become today. They did this for two main reasons; one was to double the taxes by having all the women swarm into the once male-dominated world of business and the other reason was to have more of an influence over the raising of new generations of children.

Remembering the Divine Feminine did not fit a controlling paradigm which is why it was rejected outright. There is a place in the Art History books for Feminism (Judy Chicago) but there is no placeholder for the rise of the Divine Feminine because it does not fit the think-tank agenda of the institutions that govern the way they would like the masses to think.

Where it was once so easy to promote and market my art, it now became very difficult.

As I realized the benefits of children being raised by their parents rather than the state, the influential propagandists had me thrown into "conservative jail". People who had purchased my paintings threatened to sell them. I lost many decades-long friends for denouncing Feminism. There is always much agitation when one is over the target. Needless to say, after delving ever-deeper into the manipulation of mass mind control, I am now considered one of those crazy conspiracy nut jobs.

However I feel very ready to take on the new world that is coming when everyone finally wakes up to the degree of their mind manipulation. I see a really positive future where the powerful institutions that be are called out and their plans for a New World Order on their terms is widely known and falters.

It is in this place that I am poised to go to work once again with a renewed passion for art. My focus has now shifted from exclusively painting to how to actually teach art as an inherent human aspect that we are all born and blessed with. I have been painting for 40 years and it is time for me to come out of the desert and share what I have learned regarding the art-world. Art has been hijacked, reigned in and controlled in order to hide its incredible relevance in the positive evolution of humankind.

I seek to reveal the myriad of ways in which this has been done. I declare art-sovereignty for all including myself. It has been a long and painful road traversing the contrast. The powers that be did a mighty fine job imprisoning art to their own benefit, but I am here to release Art from its bondage. Lucky for me I was invited to be on the New Earth University School of the living Arts faculty last year, which grants me a superb platform from which to launch.

Perhaps you are a scientist, historian, architect, Health-care practitioner? All disciplines have been carefully monitored in order to maintain control and jurisdiction over the people. The time for change is now, are you ready to stand up and take a leading role in humanity's destiny in your given field of expertise? I hope so because the world is about to change very fast. Get out your Spiritual AK47's and your Source-Energy Bazookas, and load them up with Consciousness Ammo, when I call OPEN HEART, start firing the love, we all need to be ready.

About Jane;

Jane Evershed was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and came to live in the US in Minneapolis, MN in 1984. In that same year she won the Minneapolis Metro Transit bus design award after which she launched a career marketing journals, books, large prints and notecards of her art which she marketed across the US and in many other countries for 25 years.

During this time she spoke at many universities and colleges, sharing her art and poetry, winning awards and various commissions. In 1994 Harper Collins published a book of her art and Poetry. In 2000 Jane transformed her home into a gallery and fundraising venue in Kenwood Minneapolis MN. USA.

In 2006, after her children had left home, Jane went to live in the woods of Wisconsin for 7 years where she continued to paint and evolve her style without the constraints of everyday life.

Upon her return to Minnesota in 2013 Jane began her Remembering the Divine Feminine series as a natural evolution from her earlier Power of Woman and other series that spoke to environmental degradation and the parallels of women’s rights (or lack thereof) worldwide. She also began teaching children’s art classes at Joan of Art Studio in Minneapolis.

In 2018 Evershed spent 3 months designing and painting the mural designs for Ubuntu headquarters in Mpumalanga South Africa for Michael Tellinger at Stone Circle Lodge.

Jane’s work is ultimately inspired by nature and our relationship to it. She observes the genius of the natural world and allows it to determine lines of life on the canvas that often evolve into otherworldly dimensions and states of consciousness not yet arrived at by our slow evolution. Examples of these would be LEAVING TIME, STEPS TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS and CHANTING DESTINY, to name a few of her latest works.

Jane Evershed: Statement:

“My artistic endeavor throws abstract art into the dustbin of pedagogic art history. Art is meant to reveal the higher self of humanity striving for the zenith of the aesthetic. What happened to that high notion? Did art become reduced to a means of laundering money in a world where the elite control the art market perhaps? Did art fall martyr to the digital gods? Oil painting, like stained glass windows should be a part of life, like growing a garden. These skills must not be lost to humankind. Our schools are remiss in teaching art in many ways for many reasons, I hope to help fill this void by sharing the basics of art in a simple way with children, teachers and heal those whose creativity has been frozen.”

In 2019 Jane Evershed was invited by Dr. Nancy Ash, Chancellor, to be part of the New Earth University, Living Arts faculty.

Jane Evershed Art website;

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