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This is where I feature my latest original for sale:

toward Sovereignty.jpeg
Humanity Transitioning Toward Sovereignty

Oil on canvas

48' X 48"



This is my latest commissioned piece:

Moving Into Golden
moving into Golden.jpeg

Oil on Canvas

60' X 36'


Even if you are not an artist you can teach a child the basics of art.

0. SPLAT cover.jpg
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Jane has personally guided me via video talks and through her recorded videos using her published book SPLAT! to access more of my artistic inspiration and bring that forward in the practical sense for beautifying and enriching my personal life ~ You will most certainly find Jane to be inspirational ~ There is God's art all around us and within us ~ Go ahead ~ Create along with Jane! Introduce more fun into your midst with SPLAT! Heidi Georgiadis


by Jane Evershed

NEU 2.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.30.25 PM.png
blog screenshot.png

Art has the capability to springboard humanity into a positive future, I bet nobody ever told you that!

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