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Not an artist? You can still learn to teach art to loved Ones!

Jane Evershed is an artist who has been painting in oils and has taught art for over four decades. She noticed that the highly amped up firewall of technological infiltration into society on every level is threatening the state of Art Health in the world today. This in turn threatens to cut off our human soul-connection to source. For this reason Evershed realized it is imperative to teach art to our children. Children who learn art can halt and reverse the constant invading cyber-flow from devices that encrypt their minds into a subliminal virtual matrix.

Hands on, get muddy art can return them to a wholly organic external creative-existence mode. Adults also benefit highly from learning visual art because creativity has a way of extending itself out into all areas of life. Since art is the most outstanding feature of highly evolved civilizations everyone needs to learn the basics of art because it is an intrinsic part of humanity’s evolution. Evershed was inspired to create SPLAT! after attending two World Health Summits in Bali, Indonesia held by the New Earth Project.

This book offers the art basics with inspiration methods all under one roof. Recharging humanity’s artistic momentum takes learning the basics of art starting from scratch. Laid out in a simple way art is made attainable for anyone to teach or learn. It includes Meditations for Creation both for children and adults, the grand finale being facing a blank canvas with confidence. The concept is creative sovereignty, the tool is art, the vehicle is imagination and the cost is creative joy.

Some people may just want to create a book of poetry that requires a decorative border, others to illustrate a simple children's book. This does not require years attending an art academy to accomplish. Some people just need a few simple pointers to fulfill their vision. The lessons herein help guide content creators to make original complimentary art for their dreams and projects and so much more.


1. Drawing


3. Perspective

4. Composition

5. Rags to Riches (Care of Art Tools)

6. Brushes

7. The Color Wheel

8. Light and Shadow

9. Inspiration Methods

10. Facing a Blank Canvas

Grand Finale:

Confidently starting and successfully completing your canvas,

Receiving your Art Basics Celebration of Completion.

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