Once you learn the basics of art there is a magic trick that can take you ahead of your game in art, this is what I teach.

However I can only teach it once all the basics are in place because you can’t have one without the other. You can refine skills until the cows come home and draw better than the greatest master, yet your work will still seem mediocre.
For your art to stand out it needs to have something different. The uniqueness of your soul expressed. That is what moves people. That is what stands out.
When people see that depth of expression, they relate to it because it mirrors what is in their soul too.
I teach how to access this magic place and give you the basic tools to get there. You can spend the rest of your life refining your skills and creating better and better paintings instead of wasting years and years wallowing around in a skill set that any Adobe program can now create in a few clicks.


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An Art-Teaching Epiphany.

Oh my gawd, I just realized that to truly teach art that brings the soul's imprint into the world through visual imagery is to not taint that purity by waving art examples in the face of the creator.

I feel I must teach through words alone so as not to infiltrate the precious visions of my students with example visuals.

Shall I forgo the loud visuals that beckon artists to come to my SPLAT! School of Fine Arts, to lure them in?

YES! I must not taint their inner soul visions with EXAMPLES! This would be the only true way to teach art from the heart.