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Your Creativity was Hijacked

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

You know it already. You always felt that something was missing didn’t you?

Do you sometimes stuff this void with useless activities?

If you are not very interested in art, it is because you have been brainwashed to turn away,

right about now. Refrain!

When I started digging deep into our art history and discovered the hidden truth it blew my mind and everything fell seamlessly into perspective.

Do you know how this happened?

The people who control this planet know that your Creative Currency is the most valuable asset on Earth. They know that your creativity is your calling card to sovereignty. Within the vast realm of your creativity lie the answers to all ills because humans have a direct line to Prime Creator Source.

Our education system was designed to make sure that by the time you reach adulthood only two percent of the human pool has the creative genius they were born with, still running through their veins. I didn’t make this up, comprehensive studies have been done by a scientist, George Land.

So when did this destruction of human creativity begin and how can we reclaim it?

It all started with the Renaissance believe it or not. A false paradigm was created where it was believed that humanity had reached its zenith of mastery of the arts, and it was all downhill from there. The art they were touting was in fact repurposed from Grand Tartaria after the last great reset.

Michaelangelo was a known forger. When he ripped off Cardinal Raffaele Riario he ended up being rewarded for his forgery by being invited to Rome.

Probably to make more forgeries?

It is no wonder that his forgeries arouse great suspicion about the authenticity of his other great works.

Raphael, who died at age 37, was known to be nomadic and was also an orphan could never have accomplished all he is acclaimed to have painted, designed, built and studied in only around 20 years of his adult life.

Leonardo’s work is just as questionable, did you know there are two of the most famous painting in the world? The Mona Lisa.

Henry Pulitzer purchased the Isleworth Mona Lisa number two painting from art connoisseur Hugh Blaker who acquired the painting in 1913.

So named for Bakers studio in Isleworth, West London where the painting was hidden. More here

Almost all of da Vinci’s remaining paintings are unfinished. His passion was more focused on carving up cadavers and designing weapons of mass destruction, such as his human body slicer. Among his patrons were the Medici which in Latin means medic.

So while you were looking over there at the beautiful art, the Popes and royalty of Europe were rewriting history and the Bible while setting up universities where no indigenous peoples or women could contribute their life philosophies to humanity’s evolutionary process through academia.

Meanwhile the Popes and the Medici were heavily censoring books. Under Unum Sanctam they owned your body mind and soul and slavery was rampant. During this time when the arts were said to represent the height of humanity, crusaders were out pillaging, destroying and indoctrinating peoples who did not conform to the Roman Pharisaic church’s standards of “civilization”.

The academic standards that were set during this time laid the foundation for today’s education system, which I call Academentia: The Great Forgetting.

Then after the Renaissance the Roman Catholic Church set up the psyop of Prehistoric Art using their jesuit priests in France. Abby Henri Breuil was in charge of Cave art and Father J. Bouyssenie was in charge of skullduggery selectively hunting for skulls to match Darwin’s theory of evolution and conveniently omitting many skulls such as the elongated skulls that would have made Darwin's theory laughable from the outset.

So now, not only will you never reach the perfection of a Renaissance master but you are so un-evolved that you are directly related to apes. Thus shall you love and embrace “progress” because a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances is better than a kitchen in a cave full of predators. I call this period in history the Great Belittling and Bedazzling and we all fell for it. The Cave art discoveries were the belittling and the World Fairs were the bedazzling that caused humanity to take that flying leap into the world of materialism that now drowns us in poisonous chemicals and environmental devastation.

Fast forward to Modern Art.

The world renowned Picasso got his inspiration from the masks and artifacts pillaged from the indigenous peoples. He visited the Trocadero Anthropological museum in Paris in 1907 and never looked back. Thus began decades of the fragmentation of the human visage threading its way through most art movements from Cubism to Abstract Expressionism all the way to Transhumanism.

And what of these famous artists whose work sells for millions? Those in charge of art, such as the Rockefellers who founded the Museum of Modern Art in New York, would send the art of their choice all over Europe and print art books for school curriculums making the art famous through mass production. They injected it into art history.

They would buy it cheap, such as David Rockefeller’s purchase of a Rothko painting for $9000.00 after he himself made it famous, then sold it for upwards of thirty million dollars. The artists themselves hardly ever realize these profits.

There is no such thing as an organic, grass roots art movement, major art exhibits are orchestrated increments toward an agenda with the ultimate goal of post-humanism.

The artist’s used in this particular psyop (The New American Painting Exhibit, shown in Eight European Countries from 1958 - 1959) did not know that their work was chosen for a political agenda via the CIA. The CIA operatives kept two or three degrees away from the artists and art exhibitions—sometimes even more—so that they could not be linked to governmental bankrolling. The program was called the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) and was created by the CIA in1950 to accomplish its political goals.

The truth is, before we were all dumbed down humans, we used to churn out what I call “Generic Classic” art as a matter of course. Look around the world at all the perfectly anatomically correct sculptures gracing the tops of buildings.

The architecture and the sculptures were all there for the taking by whoever disappeared the Tartarian builders and creators. They created aesthetically beautiful elements that enhanced their lives, and at the same time gave off resonant healing frequencies. They even mastered a way of generating free energy from the ethers by way of Antiquitech.

The Medici just pilfered the best of the remains of Tartaria for the Renaissance. Many of us may have been giants back then too, since the David is 17 feet high and the ceilings of many of the usurped architecture are most grand, the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome stands 448.1ft high!

In Rome alone there are 900 chapels,1600 including the private chapels. Many cathedrals, were graced with statues and painted frescoes, all painted in generic classic form. This is why artists were interchangeable, anyone could do it, whether they were restoring the work of the Tatrtarians must also be considered here.

The first artists who deviated from classic generic art were called Expressionists such as Fransisco Goya. That is when the powers that were got scared. Art is such a POWERFUL way to communicate ideas, appealing to one of our highest senses, that of sight. They had to control art and monitor it to maintain full spectrum dominance.

Now all the housekeeping shenanigans are out of the way, let’s get to reclamation!

To not study the basics of art as a child is like never learning mathematics or how to write in your own language. It’s that important. Why do you think budget cuts take out the arts first?

Because we are supposed to see art as a mere frivolity at worst and a luxury at best

But don’t write yourself off just yet as a possible candidate for creativity, there are ways and reasons to reclaim your precious creativity!

It is all in my last blog.

Web site: SPLAT! Personal Art Consultations: Youtube channel: Prints and Giclees available here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Jane Evershed Mission Statement Jane Evershed has broken new ground in understanding the true purpose of art. She is the first to reveal the truth about Prehistoric Art and the Renaissance as psychological operations against humanity. The true purpose of art has been kept a secret because the power of human creativity is one of the greatest threats to the status quo and our positive human evolution toward ascension. Every propaganda campaign in history was financed using human creative currency, from prehistoric cave painting to the Renaissance up until the present including modern art which unabashedly continues this tradition in the arts. It is time for us to reclaim art! Jane believes it is high time to clean up and activate art for its true purpose. To this end she is directing her expertise solely toward this endeavor through teaching the true purpose of art and all aspects of art associated with this purpose. (You can partake of her workshops here on the New Earth University site.) It is the children to whom we must first lovingly administer creative CPR by teaching them the basics of art. Their creativity must be revived and nurtured. Artificial Intelligence is sitting on a fence poised to leap upon our soulful creativity and devour it with a superficial soullessness called Post Humanism from which humanity may never recover as the very name implies. When the constant, incoming cyber-programming destroying the minds of our children is replaced by teaching them how be creative in their own right, we will see a shift in humanity’s evolution toward a more ascended way of being. To this end Jane Evershed wrote the book Splat! Which teaches how to teach art to our children and to ourselves. If you are among the “art frozen” you can easily start over with a fresh perspective by revisiting the art basics. According to a NASA Study 98% of us are born creative geniuses yet by adulthood this has diminished to 2%. We must make a concerted effort to remedy this by revisiting visual art as it has the capacity to reignite our dying creative neurons. Employing our new artistic skills and resulting critical thinking skills, we are then able to use our knowledge learned from studying the basics of art and apply them to the larger world around us. Composing now from an infinite number of elements available to us, (not just art materials), we are able to manifest a more aesthetically beautiful and healing environment by incorporating holism and new technologies such as energy, sound and light, into our creative endeavors. This is the true purpose of art fulfilled. When one invests their creative talent toward harmful entities that are not serving humanity one must recognize this and withdraw their creative input from that oppressive entity and rather seek to deposit one’s creative currency into only those endeavors that uplift humanity and provide spiritual nutrition. Human Creative Currency is then set to play a huge role in the coming age of enlightenment. As Jane says: “Our creative currency has the ability to make of this earth the paradise it was always meant to be, we can bring Heaven to Earth”

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