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Why YOU Must Learn to Teach Art!

I can just see many people skipping over this thinking that they are not artistic, but this really is for EVERYONE to know!

It is very important that adults learn how to teach the basics of art whether to talented loved ones or any children that express an interest in learning visual art. With the advent of digital art technologies these vital skills could be lost by the next generation!

Once the hands-on skills of making art are lost there will be a domino effect of irrecoverable losses to humanity as a whole; Being creative is what originally sparks the imagination and jump-starts the brain's creative neurons to connect with the subconscious realm and source energy. Once one has learned to use their imagination there is no end to the applications that creativity can be applied to in the human realm of existence, especially if our future is to be sovereign.

Computers cannot connect with the subconscious realm and source energy because there is a firewall between the creator, the computer and source energy. Only humans have a direct connection to source energy. When this human interaction is halted, artificial intelligence will take over.

Artificial is synthetic and not organic like humans are. If humans decide that technology is superior, we will face a catastrophic lapse in human evolution that will be hard to recover. WE just won't be able to get that slippery techno-genie back in the bottle. Here is what is happening in the art-world right now;

If we are to learn to teach art to children ourselves it is most important to do it properly so as to nurture the zenith of creativity that naturally wells up in the beautiful, innocent minds of children.

Here I shall lay out which criteria in teaching art would be the most important and then later I plan to create an easy-to-follow course.

First it is important to build trust in the teaching relationship and get to know each student.

Secondly there needs to be a meditation period where the mind is cleared in order to open and empty the mind to receive inspiration and positive intention.

After this would follow teaching the absolute basics of art;


Basic Perspective

Basic Anatomy

The Color Wheel

Brushes and Texture

Light, Shade, Tint, Tones and Hues


Inspiration Methods

Facing a Blank Canvas with Confidence

If you are interested in following this endeavor to highlight the importance of art in our world you can sign up on my website to receive information for when the classes start. I will be specializing in teaching Painting from the Soul also, because in this day and age masterpieces can easily be digitally reproduced from stock photos:

This opens up a whole new area in the visual arts for painting from the soul, because as stated earlier, computers cannot and NEVER will be, able to paint from the soul.

About Jane Evershed;

Evershed taught her first art class to Zulu children in South Africa in 1982 and her most recent student in Bali Indonesia in 2019. Evershed was invited to be on the New Earth University Art Faculty in 2019. As a young mother Jane found herself with no support so she turned to her art to make a living for her and her children way back in1986. By the age of 30 she purchased their first home with the money she made from reproducing her art. Jane has been painting for forty years and is now ready to share her painting secrets, teachings and art philosophy.

Website where you can subscribe for updates:

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