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We Are All Born Artists.

Humans are born creative by divine right.

Just listen to the profound things children blurt out naturally.

Anyone who gets ahead of the pack in any field is usually applying their innate creativity.

And guess what? It all starts with art.

Why is art so constantly underrated as a venue for livelihood? Because if art were unleashed in all its myriad of forms the world would be a very beautiful place to be and not the drudgery that keeps so many humans down. The visual applications of divine inspiration would be felt in all facets of existence concerning sentient life on Earth.

Sadly, the spiritual uplifting of humanity through divine creativity has been deliberately quashed in order to maintain aspects of the control of humanity for the very same reason that free speech is so often a keystone to controlling populations of countries, especially those with dictatorships.

It all starts with art because this is where the creative synapses of existence first go out to play. Playing is by nature a deviation from the norm. Fun and joy cannot thrive in a cage. The essence of being artistic is divine expression and divinity has no place in the halls of the corruption of our natural evolution.

There are so many corruptions to name that stifle humanity and hold it back from evolving in the way it is supposed to evolve. We all know it and yet we continue to accept the state of our existence and even willingly perpetuate it. Conjure the visuals of most commuters every day.

Artists rock the boat on every level because they think outside the box. Much visual art that is highly esteemed is often deviant, depressing or devoid of any meaningful social statements by design.

Pretty art is not threatening, there is much of that. The art that rips the soul from you and shows it to you in your face is very much missing from the hallowed halls of our art “Institutions”.

Have you noticed that?

There is nothing more moving than the soul expressed in art, whether it be music, visual, oratory or theatrical. Profundity in art calls us to action on the deepest level.

This is what I teach, how to tap into source and receive divine inspiration to manifest in your art. Excellence in the craft of art has been made moot by digital art programs that can turn a random snapshot into a masterpiece with a few keystrokes now. No digital program will ever provide the hand-heart connection that exists with tangible art tools because the digital interference cuts off the connection to source. Many writers will often create their first draft in longhand for the same reason.

These are the reasons I offer my Splat! Art classes. It is a way that ANYONE can learn how to teach the basics of art to every child that wants to learn. It is a way for those that had their inner artist derailed to dare to return to their brushes and it is a way for anyone who always wanted to express themselves through visual art, no matter their age, to do so now.

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Jane Evershed at her easel.

Jane Evershed has been painting for over forty years. She successfully ran the Jane Evershed Art Collection Company for 30 years and now it is time for her to share her art secrets. Evershed is in the process of creating SPLAT! School of Fine Art online art classes which she plans to bring to New Earth Art Faculty in 2020. She is also writing the book SPLAT! Ten basic steps to learn, or learn to teach art. The focus of this teaching tool is to take the artist from simple sketching all the way through to facing a canvas with confidence every time, using the ten basic steps. Evershed’s secret art- teaching ingredient is inspiration methodology taking the soul’s connection to source into consideration.

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