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The Truth about the Renaissance

The sobering truth about the Renaissance is a hard pill to swallow indeed!

The Renaissance was a Psyop.

If we are to visit that which surrounded the art itself we would see that even the age of enlightenment, the age of discovery and the age of the greatest art ever produced has been fabricated.

The age of discovery was just a nice way of saying that the Roman Catholic crusades had been invading foreign shores, killing off indigenous peoples and trying to enforce their beliefs upon these sovereigns. (No offense to Catholics!)

This was a time when academia was being established, especially the humanities and science. There was much censorship and the burning of books ordered by the Pope of the day, who coincidentally were mostly self appointed and from the Medici Banking family.

The Medicis reigned ruthlessly for almost 300 consecutive years becoming mentors for banking families of the future such as the Hapsburgs, the Fuggers and eventually the Rothschilds.

It was a great time for philosophers who were not indigenous peoples nor women. The pontifications of the popes left over half of humanity out of their teachings by purposeful exclusion. The domain of education was forever irreversibly tainted by this closed system of exclusion.

Both the Bible and history was rewritten during the Renaissance in the 1400’s. Fabrications of scriptures and history were inserted by Francis Bacon and Josef Scaliger to change the truth forever during the 15th century, throwing humanity’s timeline into a false state of manufactured duress by design.

As for the Great art and architecture even that too is in question. The architecture was already built by the Tartarians, the Popes et al just repurposed it for their own nefarious needs.

Roman architecture was thoroughly inferior to the work of the Tartarians. The Pope still today gleans respect as he waves from the balcony of the Vatican in all its architectural, stolen glory.

Lets look at some of the artists:

Starting with Hieronymous Bosch, Bosch was a Dutch Netherland painter born in Brabant in i450.

Much of Bosch’s work was never painted by his hand.

His bevy of assistants, (mostly family members) would go behind him and paint color into his drawings in a very factory-like manner, producing hundreds of fantastic, surreal paintings with a religious motif, mostly in the form of depictions of hell.

His work was then highly prostituted, published and shipped all over Europe by the Roman Catholic church to promote their oligarchical agenda…

Although he is said to represent the Early Netherlandish painting school, he was truly a representative of the Catholic Church and its’ huge advertising campaign to promote hell and sin to get rich off purgatory.

They used the artists of the time like Bosch to promote hell in order to rake in tithes to fill their war coffers. The church promoted itself as between God and man and an authority on death with the ability to forgive sins.

The great Michelangelo himself is known to have created forgeries. When he ripped off Cardinal Raffaele Riario with a forgery he ended up being rewarded with an invitation to Rome by the Cardinal where he became so famous.

Michelangelo would bury some of the ransacked sculptures from the age of Grand Tartaria to make them appear old and then sell them for a small fortune as Ancient Greek or Roman Sculptures. It is on record,The sleeping cupid was one such sculpture. These were not ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, they were looted from the Tartarians.

When people did not believe that he created the Pieta he went and scrawled his name across her chest in defiance of their claims.

I found a drawing of the broken sculpture of Dionysus and the fawn boy, Ampelo owned by the art collector, Jacopo Galli whose garden was literally littered with “ancient sculptures” where Dionysus’s hand was missing, it was later repaired and presented as the work of Michaelangelo.

Michelangelo would also never let anyone into his studio or allow them to watch him work. Michelangelo himself also claimed he was not an architect as well as having said he wasn’t a painter.

More proof that the art said to be produced by the greatest artists of the Renaissance is not true is revealed in the case of Raphael. Raphael’s STUNNING list of accomplishments puts him in some kind of God category.

Raphael died at age 37 yet he is said to have produced a huge body of work that included sculptures, buildings, frescoes, engravings, and paintings.

If he started working when he was 16 years old that would give him just 21 years of life to produce all these great accomplishments, never mind the fact that he was orphaned at the age of 11 and is said to have led a nomadic life.

He is quoted as having left behind an “enormous collection of paintings” and he was the architect of St. Peters.

As chief architect of the pope, Raphael created the design for a chapel in Sant'Eligio degli Orefici. Julius had made changes to the street plan of Rome, creating several new thoroughfares, and he wanted them filled with splendid palaces.

Raphael's designed several buildings, and for a short time was the most important architect in Rome, working for this small circle around the Papacy. He also supposedly studied the principles of ancient art extensively. This alone would take years, especially since ancient art never existed. See Anatoly Fomenko's New Chronology to verify. Fomenko based major events in history on astronomical events and found 1000 years had been added by Josef Scaliger.

I think the large frescoes he was commissioned to produce in the Vatican buildings may have already existed and were just a touch up job. Either that or he and the other artists at the time were using an early form of Camera Obscura.

Though these great works were scattered all over Rome and are said to be a revival of ancient art it seems they could have very well been a result of usurpation and a restoration. With over 900 churches in Rome alone, this would constitute hundreds of years of painting never mind all the architectural detailing of wood and sculptures adorning them.

Remember they were all about assistants.

It was literally a factory of artists restoring the work of those who went before them, whether they called it Roman, or Greek, I believe it was originally the work of the peaceful Tartarians and Raphael, Michelangelo and da Vinci were given credit for creating almost all of it.

A look at Leonardo da Vinci deserves closer inspection too.

I am sure you would much rather look over there at the Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world, and stay in the matrix but as the veil lifts the truth must out and the truth about humanity’s celebrated rebirth must be revealed as a stepping stone to rightfully reclaim our creativity for the purpose God intended.

Leonardo once said: “The Medici made me and the Medici destroyed me”

Like most of da Vinci’s (1452–1519) paintings including The First Supper and the Mona Lisa they remain unfinished.

The Mona Lisa took ten years to paint.

He only produced around eight major paintings in his life:

The Adoration of the Magi, also unfinished.

Saint Jerome in the Wilderness, unfinished

The three Virgin of the Rocks

This is not a lot of work for a 67 year old artist who is supposed to be among the greatest artists that ever lived!

There are eleven surviving manuscripts of his notes and drawings.

There are two of the greatest painting in the whole world! Imagine that!

Most art experts disagree that the 2nd Mona Lisa was the work of another artist and say that this was the first version of the real Mona Lisa and a true rendition of Lisa Gheradini.

The story goes that Leonardo carried this painting around with him, working on it for 10 years!

It doesn’t make sense that the second painting took ten years to paint if he churned out an exact proportional replica prior to this.

As in the Virgin of the Rocks, why are there suspiciously multiples of these great and famous paintings?

During the time of the Renaissance people were named for their occupation or where they came from. The Medici family name literally means the plural of medics in latin.

Leonardo was familiarizing himself with the inner mechanics of the human body, carving up cadavers and sharing it with his patrons. All in the name of art or the beginning of a very invasive journey into the human body in the name of science?

Leonardo almost begged the Sforzas to take him in, to finance him to create weapons of war.

His robotics were part of his weapons of war series. This is when he started morphing his robotics into war machines and devising machinery to slice up humans en mass. Da Vinci’s created the design for a mass human body slicer machine.They were all prototypes for massive on-going wars.

This is the thought process of a genocidal, eugenicist mindset, he is working on behalf of Satanists and no longer has any interest in art.

If da Vinci was the great polymath genius Madonna-painter he was supposed to be, he would be inventing things for the betterment of humanity not its demise.

Yes indeed, much of the art of the Renaissance was glorious, but did that vast inventory of classic, stellar murals, sculptures and paintings really come from a time when most of humanity was so suppressed?

The truth is the artists themselves were interchangeable as they worked on the frescoes, this tells me that the Renaissance art would be more aptly named generic classic art.

So, Sorry to pop any bubbles anyone may have held dear about the Renaissance.

I understand if you find this information unbelievable especially since I have had to condense it for this format. I have much more detailed information on my video channels here:

More here too...

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Cat Thompson
Cat Thompson
May 14, 2023

Wow. Well done research Jane. Thank you for turning me onto Tartaria last year, after a year of research I am actually more optimistic about the future of the human race than at any other time in my life. The fact that we once lived peacefully, that all of our creations were beautiful, that we did not need to eat other lifeforms to stay alive, but rather knew how to live on prana, that we understood how to use free energy, tells me that when our memory comes back we can make a choice to go back to that way of life. Keep this good info coming, you are doing a great job as a teacher and a muse!

Jane Evershed
Jane Evershed
May 14, 2023
Replying to

Wow Cat! It sounds like you did a super deep dive yourself! I see you came up very refreshed from that body of water and knowledge. I wish everyone would take your lead and we would all be swimming to glorious shores.

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