The Role of Art in the Coming Golden Age.

Updated: Jul 23

When an inspired vision hits the psyche in earthshaking revelations the first action to convey it is often to draw it. Words can only describe it in a descriptive fashion. Since the role of art in society has purposefully been reduced to an insignificant area of study that only the very few can make a living from it has been severely overlooked and bypassed.

Art has been butchered for a reason. The language of art completes the demolition of the tower of Babel and from the rubble springs the unity of the people once again as art is a universal language. Art is a highly superior form of communication because it is seen through the eyes of the soul. Though the bounds of human evolution can be guarded and tamed with words and spells it cannot be held back by the language of art and vision.

Every invention that has spurred humanity forward was first drawn, sadly so too the inventions of our demise. Think DaVinci’s weapon sketches. Art has been used for destructive purposes in a million ways, think WWI posters or the Podesta Art Collection. When we repurpose art for the good of humanity we will move very fast into a glorious future.

The reason for learning art is far greater than we have been led to believe. Every magnificent architectural feat featuring antiquitech designed to engage the energetic magic of the aethers began as a sketch first. The alchemy of art and science purposed for the good of humanity has the power to end slavery in a flash. When art and mathematics merge the