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Lobotomization & Resurrection of Art.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Art has been both cyber-stabbed and officially lobotomized. It is up to us to correct humanity’s creative evolution if ever we are to live in an aesthetically beautiful world again. The absolute relevance of art has been missing from our education often disguised as just another extra curricula subject holding little or no significance when it is in fact the pinnacle elemental factor of an advanced civilization.

Homo Spiritus Rearranging the Space/Time Continuum

Only chosen experts can speak on art and only chosen artists can be featured in coveted, protected art circles, just like in Hollywood where if you don’t play their game you are out.

I have my own example of this from being highly successful with my feminist art, but once moving to the Divine Feminine I was out as a player.

This is all about to change because there has been a great awakening in every field, but the field of art is the greatest one to dissect because art is related directly to creativity which is connected to soul and the cosmos. Through art we access our higher selves and therefore connect to creator, which in turn affects our evolution as a species.

This is the last thing our controllers want for it is they who seek to design our evolution. True artists know how to tap into their sovereignty as creators and cannot be manipulated to produce works that further the agenda of the controllers. Furthermore these self appointed world "leaders" are seeking in real time to deactivate our souls through nano technology by infiltrating our blood with synthetic materials such as graphene oxide, spike proteins and synthetic biocompatible polymer gels. These substances are patented which allows the controllers to then actually own the body of whoever accepts these foreign and damaging synthetics into their bodies. From here they are able to remote control human thought and individual creative thought is suspended as it is infiltrated by exterior sources. The all-encompassing name for this is Transhumanism. Holding on to our creativity is so important and deeply linked to avoiding synthetic infusions that ultimately create a wall between humans and source, God, creator, or whatever your preferred term might be.

The Tavistock institute for human Relations, since 1947 has long been trying to shape the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic decline of the United States and has had a devastating effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain all in the name of controlling the narrative and keeping the abnormal perceived as normal. Many examples can be found in art, such as the Urinal by Duchamps in 1917 and recently in 2019, a banana duct taped to a wall by Maurizio Cattelan. Both items usurped the true nature of creation and gave the stamp of approval to lobotomizing creativity as an acceptable norm in society. Although Duchamp’s urinal preceded the Tavistock Institution’s founding by thirty years the age of shaping public opinion, thoughts and response had long been figured out by Edward Bernays who was a propaganda genius of his time through mounting elaborate public relations campaigns. This is where the two thousand think tanks, such as Tavistock and the Brookings Institute in the USA got their sea legs. This is why art is such a mess today and largely monitored by what I call academentia. Art today appeals to the lowest common denominator highlighting obtuse abstract art, sexual and demonic depravement and has the gall to call urinals and bananas great art icons of our time.

If humanity wishes to return anywhere near to our glory days of artistic perfection and soulfulness we had better start now. To this end I have created an art teaching book that includes inspiration methods and how to create from the soul. Its ultimate goal being to jump start our lost creativity that is slowly being buried in external digital methods of creating art that cannot breach the firewall to source, by design.

There are only ten steps to learning the basics of visual art and you can either teach yourself art or use the book to teach art yourself. As we move into the coming Golden Age we will need our creativity intact. Once one has learned artistic creativity and one’s creativity neurons are firing on all cylinders, their creativity does not stop at art alone. Creativity has the power to infiltrate all realms of life and enhance it from gardening and cooking to environmental and scientific breakthroughs.

We are in a creative race against time so help me get the word out by telling people about my book SPLAT! I never created it with dollar signs in my eyes, I created it as a solution to the dwindling interest in art and its importance in positive human evolution. Start teaching or learn art for yourself. We are all born artists by divine right. We just get our creativity sucked out of us by the pressures to survive in this world. Make time for art and you will be amazed at how it changes your life. Art is therapy too and a great way to heal from stress and trauma. People engrossed in art "lose time" and connect to universal consciousness more easily. Art is coming home baby!

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