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The great Cave-Art psyop.

After delving deep into Prehistoric Cave Art, I discovered it was a tool for the psycho-patho-genesis of humanity.

In other words it was a made up story to make you believe you were once an ape and nowhere close to any being with the capacity to ascend. The creative essence of empowered spiritual human beings is the greatest threat to maintaining control over humanity.

It all started when a Prince, an artist and a Catholic Priest walked into a cave…

The smoking gun photograph that led me down this road is the gathering of Abbé Henri Breuil, a Catholic priest, Prince Albert the Ist of Monaco and Louis Tinayre the artist, standing outside a newly discovered prehistoric cave-art site named El Castillo in Spain in 1903.

During the Renaissance the Roman Catholic Church had tolerated Mary Magdalene but now it was high time to ritually dispose of her, so great a threat did she pose to their plans for humanity’s “evolution”. That is why they referred to her as a harlot unworthy of any reverence whatsoever.

First you must realize that the Roman Catholic Church adopted christianity in name only after trying to eradicate it through many brutal rampages throughout history. To name but two: The Dioclonentian Persecutions which were very severe persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire In AD 303, and King Herod's orders to kill every child under two years old or younger in the land of the birth of Christ.

You might be asking what this has to do with cave art!

This story takes place in Southern France on the sacred ground where Mary Magdalene once traversed, sharing her spiritual wisdom in France with the Cathars. There are an abundance of extraordinary cave-art finds here where pilgrimages still occur today in memory of her sacred teachings.

According to the Cathar faith, a good God called Rex Deus made the heavens and the human soul, while an evil god called Rex Mundi entrapped that soul to suffer in the flesh of the human body on earth.

Almost every belief that the Cathars held dear was frowned upon by the Catholic Church in Rome. The Cathars believed that men and women were equal and that materialism hindered their spiritual quest. They asked no tithes and scorned the practice of usury. This is why it was so essential for Rome to eradicate the legacy of Mary and the Cathar beliefs.

The Roman Catholic Church devised a psychological operation building on what they had established during the Renaissance to have dominion over all the earth, piggy backing off Darwin's best seller, The Origin of the Species published in 1859 and the Descent of Man in 1871, just six years before the very first Prehistoric cave art was “discovered” in Spain in 1877.

Applying Fomenko’s New chronology which corrects the great events of time according to planetary alignments, we find out that Christ was born as recently as the 11th century and the resonance of his teachings through Mary was still most palpable throughout France. The spirit of the Christ Consciousness was still deeply embedded in the soul of the people. Thus did Pope Innocent the III order the slaughter of 500,000 Cathars which lasted from 1209–1229. This is where the notorious “Kill them all” decree originated.

During the late 1800’s Abbé Henri Breuil was tasked by the Catholic Church to complete the task in readiness for the people to accept the coming Industrial Revolution which was peddled through the World Fairs.

Breuil established the period of “prehistoric art”, categorized it into cultures and dispersed his fabricated findings throughout the church's now well-established institutions of academia. In so doing he became known as the world's foremost authority on Prehistory earning him his nickname: The Prehistoric Pope.

Employing the bedazzlement of the World Fairs, the belittling of humanity as once ape-like beings, the genius of an artist and the power of “scientific” Institutions, Breuil worked diligently to fulfill this monumental “undertaking” along with other colleagues of the cloth who were prominent scholars of Prehistory in their own fields.

Thus did the Roman Empire 2.0 fabricate prehistoric art in a desperate attempt to eliminate the Christ Consciousness from this earth once and for all.

They needed visual evidence of how man survived back then, by drawing animals on cave walls it showed that they had food, clothing and shelter to survive in the most menial way possible. By showing many painted hands on the walls they provided fabricated visual evidence of the presence of Neanderthals and early modern Homo Sapien sapiens.

The battle for the Catholic Church’s great psychological attempt to curtail the ascension of man by destroying every last remnant of the Christ Consciousness from living memory began with the discovery of Prehistoric cave art paired with the discovery of “irrefutable” finds of Neanderthal bones and skulls.

Thus was the very first prehistoric cave art “discovered” in Altamira Spain in 1877 followed by many more to litter the once sacred Cathari landscape, once again employing human creative currency to pay for its own demise. My work attests to a deep desire to rid this Earth of the false flame of light by delving deep into the fake history we have been fed through the visual arts. Let us no longer be fooled that we might now take our rightful places in the process of our ascension.

Of course there is much more to this story and all the details are clearly outlined on my channel: Jane Evershed Art Teachings: Prehistoric Art: The Psycho-Pathogenesis of Man.

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On Cave art, a church fake:

Some 20 years ago I read an article in a French magazine about a Frenchman who had invited two Australian aborigines to visit France. When they visited the cave at Lascaux - if I remember the name right -, the aborigines were said to have been very much impressed. They maintained that the hunting scenes depicted a hunter's charm which was still in use in Australia today. The representation of a hand with uneven finger positions especially drew their attention; they claimed that it captured a particular spirit which was still present and they were visibly in awe.

- Now, was this report a fake? I personally find it difficult to imagine that the…

Jane Evershed
Jane Evershed
Apr 11, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the information, ulipondy! I will look into it. My first guess is that this entire meeting with the Aborigines was to verify the caves as authentic, they may have been getting some blowback as the authenticity? What better way to authenticate than to have real live aboriginal people verify! I think many of the caves in Australia may be fake too, the hand symbols are very suspicious to me. But as I said I am open to looking deeper into your findings in the search for the truth.

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