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the fingerprint of your soul

Wouldn't you just love to see what your soul's fingerprint looks like? The chances that you have seen it already are pretty high. You just didn't recognize it. Just like you have never really seen modern art for what it really is.

Modern Art stands alone as a visual metaphor for everything that is transpiring in our world right now. It is the ghost of mind control, You see it, but you don't really see it.

You Tube recently removed my video, Modern Art: Conquest by Culture which tells me there is information in there that they do not want you to see. Once you have seen how we have been giving away our creative currency to be used against us, you will be inspired to reclaim it. You will want to become the artist you were born as.

One you have seen the fingerprint of your soul for what it really is you can use it as a launchpad toward fixing the sorry situation our creativity is in, for humanity's positive evolution and not the future agenda our adversaries have in mind.

It is quite possible that many of you may have discarded any attempts to revisit your creative self at all. Yet there are still millions who secretly wish to reclaim their artistic self with a vengeance! They feel duped on a very deep level. They feel their creativity screaming at them from the inside clamoring to be let out.

Innovation has been pirated and monitored in order to direct whatever creativity we have left toward an agenda that does not serve us.

Within the cultural section of The Domestication Project, directives were sent down from think tanks on high, such as Tavistock, to the art academies to surveil innovation and write crazy curriculum. For instance: Promoting abstract art because it is devoid of social commentary. Everyone knows that abstract art does not rock boats.

Art runs mad indeed within the Shock Art movement which constitutes a bizarre string of outlandish, macabre and repulsive offerings of insanity. Certainly nothing to inspire humanity toward higher dimensions of existence is ever exhibited in the history of Modern and Contemporary art save the fleeting and beautiful art of the Impressionists. As Alice Bailey wrote: "Debase Art, make it run mad."

This is where YOU come in.

Humanity needs to return to that place where we are surrounded once again by aesthetic beauty in every realm of our existence. In order to accomplish this, every human needs to be in touch with their creative selves. We need to be creating an uplifting and inspiring environment within which we can all thrive.

But how do we find our original creative signature? Where do we start? If we are not confident enough or eager to learn the basics of art? How do we access that primal creativity we were born with that we have discarded?

Carry a pen and paper around with you wherever you go. Just start doodling subconsciously while you are doing other things. It seems that doodles have sadly been categorized as a finite "thing" and nothing more than a subject to be analyzed as relates to your current state of mind. This could not be further from the truth.

Drawings created while in a state of daydreaming gives you an unobstructed glimmer of the great beyond. Expand and expound on your daydream doodles, read them, turn them around and upside down, blow them up, study their line flow. Doodling or squiggling are subconscious exercises that can be seen as source creating through you, speaking to you in the language of line. Your doodles are the fingerprint of your soul.

You may proclaim that you cannot even draw a stick figure, but look very closely at what emerges from your subconscious creative self when you doodle. Far more than a simple stick figure eh?

Do not judge your work, just let it be as it is. It is not to be compared to anything! No art is above or below other art, it is just different.

The so-called "great art of the Renaissance" I would categorize as Classic Generic Art: Strict rules are applied regarding anatomy proportion, perspective and color to the point where the art itself is formulaic.

Anyone can study and learn Classical Fine Art which is why the great artists such as Raphael and Michelangelo were interchangeable when making frescoes, all they had to do was learn the skill set and follow the rules. The challenge in originality arises when one wishes to self-express.

David Hockney, a famous British artist even wrote a book about how Camera Obscura may have been used during the Renaissance to attain the perfect likenesses of portraits of royalty and Popes of the day. We would be remiss here if we did not also consider the fact that these frescoes were being restored from the great Age of Tartaria?!

Who knows? They may have just been painting over damaged frescoes from the remnants of Tartaria, but that is another story!

It was El Greco the Mannerist though, also formally trained, who first introduced abstract expressionism into established art history, not too long after the Renaissance period ended. He was another bona-fide artist in the same caliber as the Impressionists. Note how his work is not formulaic and embodies his own personal spirit and essence.

The simple exercise of doodling, however meaningless it may seem, is your launchpad into creative space. As you draw, you lose time and become lost in space (connected to cosmic intelligence) whether you are aware of it or not.

The natural evolution of your creativity has begun. Suddenly you start getting ideas that seem to come from nowhere and the next thing you know you are beginning to create beyond the realm of pen and paper.

The materials you choose to work with, that you are magnetically drawn to are the best to play with. It may be plants, paints, food, healing, fabric, architecture or quantum physics. Whatever choice you make will require the artistry of the rearranging of elements into a harmonious whole.

This is why it is a good idea to now go back and study the basics of art. Here in this two dimensional mode of creation one learns about color and light and composition, depth and perspective, and how each affect all the others.

Visual art is a fabulous stepping stone for moving into 3D renditions of creative expression.

Here we are playing with and arranging elements using the knowledge we learned from our our 2D escapades in creativity and applying them to 3D. One follows the other.

Now we have everything we need to go to the fourth dimensional level of creativity. No synthetic augmentations needed. There are no limits to the naturally and organically enlightened creative being. This is where humanity goes to rearrange the space-time continuum with no need whatsoever to hitch a ride with Artificial Intelligence.

We can retrieve and activate our so-called "junk" DNA, reach into our once dormant supernatural selves and even stop bad weather in its tracks! We can green the deserts, create miracles, aim lightening bolts at false light entities and prepare the rest of the world for the Golden Age. So start doodling! Lol.

As we have seen from the current state of Modern Art it is poised in its final act to deliver Post-Humanism. If you find this statement confusing you can see the incremental steps that were taken to reach this goal using art as a vehicle in my video right here.

Because of AI penetrating the field of art and many other areas of our lives we need you to become an artist RIGHT NOW! Grab a piece of paper and and a pen right now!

You may like to see my Creation Currency video with Sacha Stone here:

Jane Evershed Mission Statement: Jane Evershed has broken new ground in understanding the true purpose of art. She is the first to reveal the truth about Prehistoric Art, the Renaissance and Modern Art as psychological operations against humanity. The true purpose of art has been kept a secret because the power of human creativity is one of the greatest threats to the status quo and our positive human evolution toward ascension. Every propaganda campaign in history was financed using human creative currency, from prehistoric cave painting to the Renaissance up until the present including modern art which unabashedly continues this tradition in the arts. It is time for us to reclaim art! Jane believes it is high time to clean up and activate art for its true purpose. To this end she is directing her expertise solely toward this endeavor through teaching the true purpose of art and all aspects of art associated with this purpose. (You can partake of her workshops here on the New Earth University site.) It is the children to whom we must first administer creative CPR by teaching them the basics of art. Their creativity must be revived and nurtured. Artificial Intelligence is sitting on a fence poised to leap upon our soulful creativity and devour it with a superficial soullessness called Post Humanism from which humanity may never recover as the very name implies. When the constant, incoming cyber-programming destroying the minds of our children is replaced by teaching them how be creative in their own right, we will see a shift in humanity’s evolution toward a more ascended way of being. To this end Jane Evershed wrote the book Splat! Which teaches how to teach art to our children and to ourselves. If you are among the “art frozen” you can easily start over with a fresh perspective by revisiting the art basics. According to a NASA Study 98% of us are born creative geniuses yet by adulthood this has diminished to 2%. We must make a concerted effort to remedy this by revisiting visual art as it has the capacity to reignite our dying creative neurons. Employing our new artistic skills and resulting critical thinking skills, we are then able to use our knowledge learned from studying the basics of art and apply them to the larger world around us. Composing now from an infinite number of elements available to us, (not just art materials), we are able to manifest a more aesthetically beautiful and healing environment by incorporating holism and new technologies such as energy, sound and light, into our creative endeavors. This is the true purpose of art fulfilled. When one invests their creative talent toward harmful entities that are not serving humanity one must recognize this and withdraw their creative input from that oppressive entity and rather seek to deposit one’s creative currency into only those endeavors that uplift humanity and provide spiritual nutrition. Human Creative Currency is then set to play a huge role in the coming age of enlightenment. As Jane says: “Our creative currency has the ability to make of this earth the paradise it was always meant to be, we can bring Heaven to Earth” Web site: SPLAT! Personal Art Consultations: Youtube channel: Prints and Giclees available here: Instagram: Facebook Page:

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