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The Changing Topography of Arterrain

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

For too long there has been a torrential downpour of control over art. Visual art, especially, is mired in a vast bog of mud that requires heavy machinery to lift art out and cleanse its mucky academic debris.

As humanity moves ever closer to a more elevated consciousness, the true function of art is torpedoing to the surface as a major life skill for all to realize. Art is about to undergo a Renaissance for this age in these changing times of mass-awakening.

Why has art been held back and value-butchered? For what reason, pray tell?

Art is intrinsically connected to freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression is highly frowned upon by those who desire to control humanity.

Uniformity is much easier to manage than spontaneity.

Those who control humanity also control the institutions of our education.

Artistic expression and implementation across all areas of study is the match to the fireworks that ignites quantum evolution. Quantum evolution influences and accelerates biological evolution and human consciousness and threatens to leave the old school of control on every level, in the choking dust of establishment morés.

Establishment think-tanks were formed in the early 1900's to deal with this problem of human creative containment such as the Tavistock Institute. A think tank is also known as a "policy institute". It is a research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning social policy, economics, political strategy, military, technology, and most importantly, culture.

Culture basically covers the social behaviors found in human societies, also the knowledge, beliefs, ARTS, laws, customs, capabilities and habits of the people therein.

The United States has almost 2000 think tanks working every day to keep humanity in line!

It follows then that the culture of art needed to be tempered and diverted into a wholly manageable entity.

The ways in which this occurred was slowly over time so as not to sound the alarm of their plans to contain the runaway vagabond, known as creativity. These are the steps I have observed so far, that they have taken to reign art in:

Delay early art-teaching as an important developmental process in order to stunt the stimulation of creative neurons at a young age.

Promote the starving-artist, (Van Gogh) myth.

Infiltrate the psyche with the the Stick-Figure syndrome; Either you are an artist or you are not an artist, no in-between and no one is born naturally artistic.

Give art minor prominence in education curriculums

Teach art haphazardly and grade it by means of obtuse standards.

Dispense with the arts first when funding issues arise

Evaluate art through academic institutions in order to own and rate its credibility

Make art difficult for the average person to make a living from, unless through commercial avenues

Select the art of only those who have been through established art academies, as worthwhile and valuable; (Closed system)

Make people believe that anything can be art, (such as a urinal by Marcel Duchamp in 1917, or a banana duct-taped to a wall by Maurizio Cattelan in 2019)

Establish contemporary genres within which the infinite nature of art remains confined;(Minimalism, Pop Art, Art-Informel or Abstract Expressionism, Hyperealism, Conceptualism) and keep recycling them over decades.

Commercialize Fine Art and subject it to assets/investment, monetization and laundering practices.

Blasphemize art for sadistic, occult purposes: (such as artists like Biljana Djurdjevic and Avish Khebrehzadeh).

Uphold dastardly imagery as the zenith of an aesthetic occult trend

Scoff at aesthetically beautiful and well mastered creations

Fail to integrate creativity into all disciplines to implement a more holistic approach in studies

And most recently;

To digitalize art, creating a firewall between the human and source energy

To create artificial Intelligence artists, where no human is involved in the creative process and to give these AI artists prominence through solo exhibitions.

Here is an example of sadistic, occult art.

We should not create art to fulfill the psychopathic, schciztzophrenic, sadistic desires of perpetrators of pure evil, no matter how much they are willing to pay. (Documentation for educational or research purposes where abused people are expressing themselves would be an exception.)

So lets just rip up that cultural model and return to the quantum evolution of art shall we?

What does that look like?

We un-confine art as a whole. We teach it early and properly. By properly I mean the basics first and then the freedom to deviate from the basics at will without the judgement of teachers. The basics constitute color, perspective, anatomy, drawing, light and shade, composition and knowledge and care of art tools. We nurture the creative juices that flow naturally through the human body and spark the creative neurons in the brain. We do not grade and measure with personalized haphazard art standards. We offer certificates of completion.

We allow for artistic creativity to spill over into the sciences, architecture, health, economics, etc thus fomenting a far more holistic paradigm for humans to exist within.

We allow the arts passage, gleefully into its maturity in all realms of our existence.

We slowly thaw the art-frozen back into the once dormant regions of their imagination.

We shed the confinement of genres. We remove the hierarchy of the art's system and determine for ourselves the true value of art. We become art-sovereign.

We let every human know that they are born creative and are connected to source which is at their disposal from which to draw inspiration toward conscious human evolution creation.

Just imagine for a second, the ramifications of letting art and the creativity that artistry represents out of the confining, stunting barriers that has been holding it back. Think of all the harsh straight lines and sharp edges we encounter every day as we move about, think about those lines now being curved and more harmonious with nature. Not saying all angles are bad, they have their place, but rows and rows of endless boxes is not an aesthetic to which to aspire.

Sick people need to be uplifted by their environment, homes with no art in them are dreary, our entire life experience could be surrounded by our endless creativity.

Cost you may protest, it costs too much. With new technologies now available such as 3D printers the cost of beauty is descending and when you add creative ingenuity to the equation costs can be cut even more. The price of living in grey angular environs takes its toll on the people who dwell therein. I am sure many studies have been done to prove this obvious conclusion. People are uplifted in beautiful environments. It has been scientifically proven that just looking at still images of nature is enough 'natural' stimulus to lower stress levels, imagine if our immediate environments reflected and enhanced the beauty of nature around us. There is no greater artist than nature itself.

This is the power of art. This is the unleashing-time of humanity's highest potential for creativity and it all starts with art and reviving our natural harmonious aesthetic through practicing art in all its forms starting at an early age.

I like to say; Water, food Shelter ART, in that order, so vital it is. It is time for art to be elevated and put to use for humanity in the way it was originally intended; Creativity lives in the realm of the divine and art is a pathway to that divinity. Our creativity was given to us to elevate our humanity, to be respected and revered as an integral part of humanity's soul expression.

About Jane;

Jane Evershed was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and came to live in the US in Minneapolis, MN in 1984. In that same year she won the Minneapolis Metro Transit bus design award after which she launched a career marketing journals, books, large prints and notecards of her art which she marketed across the US and in many other countries for 25 years.

During this time she spoke at many universities and colleges, sharing her art and poetry, winning awards and various commissions. In 1994 Harper Collins published a book of her art and Poetry. In 2000 Jane transformed her home into a gallery and fundraising venue in Kenwood Minneapolis MN. USA.

In 2006, after her children had left home, Jane went to live in the woods of Wisconsin for 7 years where she continued to paint and evolve her style without the constraints of everyday life.

Upon her return to Minnesota in 2013 Jane began her Remembering the Divine Feminine series as a natural evolution from her earlier Power of Woman and other series that spoke to environmental degradation and the parallels of women’s rights (or lack thereof) worldwide. She also began teaching children’s art classes at Joan of Art Studio in Minneapolis.

In 2018 Evershed spent 3 months designing and painting the mural designs for Ubuntu headquarters in Mpumalanga South Africa for Michael Tellinger at Stone Circle Lodge.

Jane’s work is ultimately inspired by nature and our relationship to it. She observes the genius of the natural world and allows it to determine lines of life on the canvas that often evolve into otherworldly dimensions and states of consciousness not yet arrived at by our slow evolution. Examples of these would be LEAVING TIME, STEPS TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS and CHANTING DESTINY, to name a few of her latest works.

Jane Evershed: Statement:

“My artistic endeavor throws abstract art into the dustbin of pedagogic art history. Art is meant to reveal the higher self of humanity striving for the zenith of the aesthetic. What happened to that high notion? Did art become reduced to a means of laundering money in a world where the elite control the art market perhaps? Did art fall martyr to the digital gods? Oil painting, like stained glass windows should be a part of life, like growing a garden. These skills must not be lost to humankind. Our schools are remiss in teaching art in many ways for many reasons, I hope to help fill this void by sharing the basics of art in a simple way with children, teachers and heal those whose creativity has been frozen.”

In 2019 Jane Evershed was invited by Dr. Nancy Ash, Chancellor, to be part of the New Earth University, Living Arts faculty.

New Earth University website:

Jane Evershed Art website;

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