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The Art of Unity Consciousness

We know we come from Prime Creator Source, whoever that may be for you.

We also know that if just one organ in the body shuts down it may never reopen its doors to the rest of the body and will affect the entire body as all organs have to work together for the body to function at its full potential. Cells begin to divide into invasive ones, and those working in harmony with the larger body are compelled to fight. Its a cellular thing!

The creator of all things has made it clear by repetitive sacred geometry such as the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean which appear throughout the organic world. This fact alone proves that there is only one divine creator. In just one ecosystem there are billions of systems that are required to hold that ecosystem in place, if one aspect of the whole goes awry the entire system will malfunction. This is what we are witnessing in our world today: Massive malfunctioning of society: Justice is tyranny, men are women, truths are lies and science is settled.

Recently an invasive entity that has failed to embrace the divine principles of harmony that emanate from Prime Creator consciousness has infiltrated our society on every level right down to our blood and bones. This unprecedented phenomenon has caused untold division among families and friends as to who is right or wrong.

We also know that the greatest ally of tyranny is division and on this plane of duality, division is so easily attained. On this plane of mostly trusting and loving beings with pure hearts we are too easily manipulated into believing that decisions from “experts in their field” are made for the greater good of humanity.

The powers that deem themselves to be in control also know that fear is a powerful incentive for man to lose his mind, all logical thinking is thrown to the wind. They concocted an invisible threat and deployed it worldwide in their quest to reign supreme over all of Great Creator’s realm, but that plan, as we now know, had glaring flaws that served to enlighten us.

Fear was deployed by the enemy of humanity to create division. As they played upon the innate goodness of humans they fabricated science to manufacture division. Doctors were told to treat patients by the “book” disseminated from on high by renowned scholars of medicine to treat their patients. They followed the protocols only to witness death after death from intubation and exclusive, recommended, patented medications.

For people who had placed their faith in these institutions of health it resembled arriving at a gas chamber, they embarked upon the train of fear, their ticket was merely a bad case of flu but they believed it to be a deadly disease and so went unwittingly to their death.

Without all the hype they would have probably stayed home for a few days and recovered. Their own God-given immunity system, had they believed in it, would have cured most of them. It is now a proven fact that more people have died from taking the "remedy" than ever would have, if they had not!

Fortunately many doctors who had previously gone by the "book" of medical protocols smelled a rat and stepped away from what their intuition clearly told them was wrong. They had dedicated their lives to studying what it took to save lives yet their love and intuition was now telling them to go against what they were told and risk their careers in order to do the right thing: Save lives. Their knowledge obtained from studying the big medical book was not lost as they sifted through all that they had learned and applied it with a few tweaks. They understood the body, how it works and how to medicate naturally and efficiently.

Many of the medical journals were correct but just a few peer studies printed in prestigious journals caused the greatest division among mankind in the history of the world. Accusations flew about innocent people conspiring to murder every grandmother with their refusal to obey the “laws” of the medical world experts and mothers forced their own children to wear masks to school and while playing sports. Grieving children waved goodbye to grandparents through sterile glass windows never to hold the hand that taught them so much again. Honoring the dead became a lottery system as funerals were pared down to as many who could fit in a room at six feet apart. We are all too familiar with the stories.

There is another invisible substance at play that floats among us in our everyday lives sowing division every hour of the day. It is called faith.

From the Koran to the Bible many books have been written, and just as in the physician's archived manuals, we see them being referenced to treat many cures for the wayward, the lost and the sick, exclaimed passionately from many a pulpit across the world. Many of these religious manuscripts hold a wealth of divine knowledge from which great prophecies can be made. Many are filled with wisdom and insights that can raise us up spiritually and teach us so much more than we might ever have understood had we not spent years studying the words of saints, apostles, gnostics and prophets.

I choose here to select Christianity as my example as I am not as familiar with other religions from the Abrahamocentric faiths. I do not know enough to speak directly to Sikhism, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism and others. I am also willing to bet that all religions have been tampered with in some way to deny humanity their true wisdom heritage. So many things we have been told have turned out to be fabrications of the truth.

Among the editing, destroying and loss of many gospels, gnostic writings and oral traditions it is almost impossible to retrieve the whole truth of the holy bible today. It may surprise you to know that Jesus never actually bestowed a name upon his many followers. The early Church never called themselves Christians.

In the Bible, the title most often used was “saints.” The proliferation of the name Christian is used as a tool to create divisions among other God-loving peoples. The very moment that Christians were named it led to to disputes and divisions, they could now be identified and routed out in the hundreds of thousands, as we witnessed during the Inquisitions, where good people were burned ruthlessly at the stake.

Even the true meaning of the word Christian itself has been hidden from us, it once meant cretin and came into use as late as the 18th century. When we look at the etymology of cretin going back to 1779 we see it came from the French crétin which meant "a dwarfed and deformed idiot.” The word cretin is identified with Vulgar Latin *christianus "a Christian.”

Also the letter ‘J’ was not known in any alphabet until the 14th century. Neither symbol J or I was used initially and had the consonantal sound of Y as in year. Gradually, the two symbols

( J and l ) were differentiated, the J became regarded as a consonant, and the I became a vowel. It was not until 1630 that the differentiation became general in England.” This means there could not have been a “ John, Jacob, Jonah, Joseph, Jude, or any other human being whose name began with J in the Bible, living in the Middle East several thousand years ago. There was a Yeshua though, the name of Jesus in Hebrew.

Instead of just being joyful and kind people of faith celebrating the magnificence of God’s creation all around us we have buried ourselves in the details of minutia and dispute losing God’s true intention: That we love one another as ourselves, no matter by which name we call ourselves or our faith.

To add to the confusion there have been hostile entities that have donned the mantle of other religions that did not originate with them and were never deeply embedded in their ancestral hearts. For instance, the Khazarians stole the Jewish faith as their own and the Roman Catholic Church stole many of the rites and customs of the Cathars.

Why did they called themselves the Roman Catholic Church when it was the Roman King Herod who sent out an army after he came to power in 37BC to murder every living child under the age of two in order to make sure that the child Christ would be slayed? Surely they realized we would make that connection to the Romans?

The Massacre of the Innocents was an account in the narrative of the Gospel of Matthew (2:16–18) in which Herod the Great, king of Judea, ordered the execution of all male children two years old and under living in the vicinity of Bethlehem.

Here is Peter Paul Rubens rendition of the Massacre of the Innocents painted in 1610:

This alone exposed the Romans as Luciferian worshippers. Clearly they were threatened by the raising up of a child who was to become so powerful in love, so fearless, so wise and so giving of his life that he might one day bring Unity Consciousness into the world! Of course they wanted him extinguished at birth.

Today they hold him up on a stick and profess to love him? The Crucifix that Pope John Paul II held up to the people is not a traditional crucifix. This crucifix is a "Bent Cross" that represents the 'Mark of the Beast'. Pope Paul VI and his successors, the two John-Pauls, carried this bent cross and held it up to be revered by the crowds who had not an inkling that it represented the anti-Christ. Truth be told, it is a black magic symbol that was used by Satanists in the sixth century and was revived at the time of Vatican Two. King Herod smiles in his grave. Yet, the true lineage of those spiritually connected to God prevail no matter the shenanigans of the self ordained church.

There also exists two incomplete copies of the book of Genesis. The 10th century Aleppo Codex was the only fully complete Hebrew copy of Genesis except that the Genesis portion of this manuscript was destroyed during “anti-semitic” riots in 1947. 40% of the manuscript—including the majority of the Torah section was found missing when it resurfaced in Israel in 1958. Only two additional leaves have been recovered since that time. The tale that the missing pages were destroyed in a synagogue fire has been fervently challenged and many speculate that they still survive, but in private hands.

The Dead Sea Scrolls said to be dated from between 200BC and 100AD and are the oldest known biblical manuscripts. We know that God has been with us since the beginning of time but we insist on weighing in on manuscripts that account for just a drop in the bucket of time?

Let us look at just one example from the King James Bible, that probably most people have heard of: “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Here is the context: "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know. Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him,

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

What if it had originally said: I am the way, the truth, and the life: all shall cometh unto the Father by me.

All it took was to take out no man, replace it with all shall and remove the word but in order to include all good men, women and children. What if he had been speaking to Thomas as a consciousness attainable by all, as the Christ Consciousness whose spirit we know whither thou goest wherever thou art?

(We know also that Lucifer has a deep disdain for women, and the church has fought long and hard to keep women from leadership roles in the church.) Women do not even seem to exist within the holy trinity where there is a father and a son and holy ghost, but why no feminine deity included in this divine trinity?

If humanity is purported to be divine co-creators of God whose greatest achievement is to create us, the children of God, then why has the female species been omitted? This is a grand omission by design that should raise many questions. Surely the divine trinity would be the Father, the Mother and their Child of the spirit of Prime Creator Source?

The Christ Consciousness transcends all religions and belief systems, we are not victims of some vengeful God but the empowered creators of our life experience. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that empowered beings are a threat to our adversaries, this is the first place they would go in their manipulation of the gospels, to edit in the most subtle way, any wording that might empower humanity to believe that they are sovereign beings with a direct line to our true God.

They also had to go outside the realm of the Bible to create entirely new doctrines of belief in order to persuade humanity that they are an inferior species. For this they used Darwin to create Darwin’s theory of Evolution right out of thin air! To make matters even worse, they then came up with SOCIAL Darwinism to justify wealth disparity.

Humanity is so easily manipulated because we are generally a loving and trusting species. Just to cite a couple of examples of how easily, I will tell you from my own research that Prehistoric Cave Art was fabricated in order to make us believe that we came from Apes. Last time I checked 81% of people believe this to be true.

Now why would they make that up in the first place? If we believe ourselves to come from a lesser species rather than directly from the divine blueprint of God, we would be more likely to align ourselves with, “These things shall ye do and more” and tap into our higher selves. If we believe we came from Apes we will not seek miracles but rather revert to animalistic behavior from whence we came?

If we were once Apes then we would more easily perceive of the industrial age as collective human progress, for no Ape could forge steel! Taking up this notion, the industrial revolutions were allowed to soar out of control into a form of material frenzy which has led to the level of pollution and consumption that we see today. Had we followed the Cathars that were disciplined gnostics the world would have evolved in a much more organic and spiritual way.

The industrial age sped up the ability to manufacture munitions on such a scale as to ensure our adversaries that they would indeed rule the world through force in the near future.

They even managed to persuade women to take part in their war efforts that ultimately led to women becoming an enemy to their own species over acknowledging their divine capacity for nurturing the children of God. It was never the people who requested war, it was always an adversarial entity who funded both sides of every “great” war.

Once deployed, the propaganda art movement successfully engaged the masses on both sides to kill their own in the tens of millions with just a few posters aided by fervent daily newspaper reports. Rosie the Riveter became a household name and still is! I find it very intriguing that women were not good enough to make a difference when it came to the church, but they served a more than adequate purpose for war!

Now we must ask ourselves: How many battles throughout time have been waged in the name of religion? YES! The NAME of religion. If there were no description of that faith the battle could not be fought!

As if it were not enough to bend our sacred space/time continuum, they went for the aorta of our spirituality when they embarked upon editing the Bible with the “Vengeance of God”

Lord Bacon was officially instructed to start work on restructuring the Bible in 1607. Here we sit over 400 years later reading the same bible!

Sir Francis Bacon was a top-level 33 degree Mason and Rosicrucian Initiate who took the liberty of inserting code into the bible (which only those of his education and ilk could interpret).

He literally rewrote and changed the original bible in order to insert these coded messages.

Translation work on the King Jame's version of the bible was said to have been done by a committee of 47 scholars and clergymen, where Sir Francis's name was not included in the list. However the Canadian writer and mystic Manly Palmer Hall claims it was edited by Francis Bacon and prepared under Masonic supervision. Of course we know that whenever the truth comes out Academentia moves in very swiftly to debunk it and brand it as "conspiracy theory".

The true history of early Christianity being known to the initiates of the Order of the Knights Templar became twisted doctrine under Bacon's pen. When he edited the bible he also used Shakespearian prose as if it were merely a play. King James, enter stage left, ordered a ‘Dedication to the King ’ to be included in the bible’s opening pages.

The title page stated: ’Appointed to be read in the Churches ’ King James insisted the church use Bacon’s particular version of the Bible and the other preferred versions of the Bible such as the Greek and Latin Vulgate (common) bibles were thrown out.

These earlier versions had sought to preserve the original scriptures translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic by Jerome between 382 and 405 AD. However there are still said to be seventy five books missing from the original Hebrew Bible including the Apocrypha from around 200BC.

What other pertinent information has been kept from us?

This begs the question, what other pertinent information has been kept from us “common folk”? The six books comprising the 1000 years of the Cave of Treasures constitutes but one intriguing aspect of our historical losses.

This treachery, distortion and removal of sacred texts once tampered with, became embedded with a nefarious hidden doctrine: Could anyone enter into heaven now without the blessings of the leaders of the church?

This was the twist in the text that placed religious leaders in a powerful place where it now became emblazoned on the mind of the “Vulgaritat” or common folk, that they were at once lesser creatures.

Men of the cloth were then paid hefty sums as people tried to actually buy their way in to heaven by paying priests to forgive them of their sins.

The Popes used the works of Heironymous Bosch almost like an ad campaign to buy one's way out of sin, taking full advantage of the newly invented printing press. Bosch's works were distributed all over Europe.

Today they use tithing under the corporate non-profit entities known as churches, which renders many pastors nothing more than CEOs for the global corporation and puppets who further oppressive government agendas.

Though many Christians are truly good their undying faith in the word of God rewritten by Lucifarians, Jesuits and Rosicrucians must be questioned today. It is often claimed that God would never allow his people to be misled by his word in his sacred bible but what if this is the ultimate challenge to Unity Consciousness?

God has allowed many unspeakable tragedies to occur on this earth, 500,000 deeply spiritual Cathars went willingly to their deaths for their beliefs in France alone during the period known as the Inquisitions. Recently in Maui thousands of innocent children may have been burned alive all alone in their homes for nefarious reasons too extensive to explain here. This torture of innocents has been repeated throughout history and is far worse a crime than changing a few words in the Bible.

Just as doctors were told to treat patients by the “book” disseminated from on high by high priests, so too were church leaders told to go by the book. Just as the doctors have stepped up to this ruse it’s time for all masters of religion to follow suit. Your book may be indelible to you but it too holds a few key fundamental lies buried deep within its holy claims to sew division across the world. We see this in our daily lives as division is perpetuated when certain truths are proclaimed above all others.

While new viruses and their threats are being promulgated, the invisible thread of differing faiths continues to thwart Unity Consciousness like no other. When one claims a title by its very name, (its spelling) it will exclude others who do not identify with that title and any sense of belonging will surely dissipate. When one defines oneself by a group name and proudly wears it as a badge of honor it can also serve the purpose of exclusivity and a holier than thou mentality that can be a deterrent to people who would otherwise join them.

Names of groups have lured many an unsuspecting soul into belief systems that they became a party to causing deep regrets at a later date such as the Fascists in Germany prior to WWII and the Transgender movement causing deep regret within souls who later realize they are no longer able to enjoy the fulfillment of bearing children.

Our divine Creator knows that it is Unity Consciousness that is the only force on earth that will slay the ways of the Satanists. God is asking us to drop the titles and draw unto us those who seek by example showing our hearts as compassionate and trusting affirming that our foremost desire is to raise humanity up.

One thing I know to be true is that there exists a Christ Consciousness that is there for anyone to tap into. What is the harm in believing this as a collective? Humanity’s consciousness when focused together manifests any outcome with ease.

When statements are made such as “no man shall come to me except through the father” it creates the desired separation that only benefits our adversaries who though small in number, disproportionately and effectively slow down our timeline toward unity consciousness and propel us into further division. They do this by way of exclusivity: THIS is the answer, there IS no other way, this group identifies AS such and such. We BELIEVE this and NOT that. This results in people looking for their soul family, dividing and dividing into smaller and smaller identification brackets and anyone who is not like them feels EXCLUDED as a human in that particular realm of thought barrier.

In closing, the greatest secret kept from us was the existence of the Tartarians which was by far the greatest civilization ever to be erased from history! And most of us have never even heard of it BECAUSE the people embodied Unity consciousness among themselves AND with the heavens. They lived in a state of creation because slavery did not exist and energy was gleaned from the ethers. This is the map from 1652 depicting the Tartarian Empire as encompassing all of Eurasia as well as North and Central America. The Roman Empire was but a flea on a dog's back by comparison! The Tartarian archives were only released out of Russia in 2013 so it is no wonder we never knew about Tartaria. Edgar Cayce prophesied: "Out of Russia shall come the hope of the world" And here we are!

The time has come for humanity to embrace Unity Consciousness and it is the only way humanity can overcome the divisions of the past whatever they may be named. Our greatest strength in a world divided (by design) is for everyone to come together now in joy and harmony replacing discernment with judgement.

NOW is the time for humanity’s divine discernment as a collective, to overcome the division and distortions in order to reach the, until now, elusive Golden Age that awaits. The reason this is so important to understand right now is because as humanity actually attains unity consciousness it becomes a grave threat to those who wish to control our beautiful Mother Earth for Unity Consciousness IS ascension!

Once we ascend we are out of reach of these ruthless entities that are trying to create a false sense of Unity Consciousness by way of a threat that aliens will invade our planet and take us over! This has been planned for a very long time.

Most people have heard of Project Blue Beam by now, whose purpose is to create an artificial Second Coming, in order to control people under one uniform worldwide system. Note how this is related to faith and religious doctrine! They will try to unite humanity under the umbrella of the virus of fear. This is not the Unity Consciousness that will propel humanity forward into a positive timeline toward ascension!

Only a fearless, loving and unified people can facilitate the positive conscious evolution of our species. First we need to acknowledge that we are not alone in the universe and that other species here and outside our realm do exist. Just as there are undesirable character traits among us, so too will there be both hostile and high frequency beings among our Universal Family.

This is where the ability to discern will be of such paramount importance as it will determine humanity’s destiny forever! If we are united in love as a human species, harmonically registering as oneness incarnate no enemy shall penetrate this armor of God, Prime Creator Source.

May we go forward in strength and love and discard all fear of the unknown lest we become fodder for the alien entities that ALREADY exist HERE on THIS plane. In so doing we arrive at our desired destination fully equipped to embrace the New Earth rather than the New World Order.

At this point the strength of humanity will be really tight and resonating so high that the dark energies will slough away into oblivion. The immunity system of humanity’s body as a whole will naturally reject this virus that has been poisoning us for so long. The doctor’s shall exclaim in disbelief at our recovery and the pastors and Imams will rush to once hidden texts only to find that at one time humanity was in a state of Unity Consciousness and there were no separate religions to fight over.

All shall realize that the unifying factor was ultimately the reverence for that which created us and the ability to know and understand the true meaning of unconditional love with discernment. Open your minds, become Unity Consciousness! Quick before the false alien invasion gets here!!!

Let us together,

Paint a picture so bright

That our adversaries take flight

That we may be finally free

To express our divine creativity.

Jane Evershed Mission Statement:

Jane Evershed has broken new ground in understanding the true purpose of art.

She is possibly the first to reveal the truth about Prehistoric Art, the Renaissance and Modern Art as psychological operations against humanity. The true purpose of art has been kept a secret because the power of human creativity is one of the greatest threats to the status quo and our positive human evolution toward ascension. Every propaganda campaign in history was financed using human creative currency, from prehistoric cave painting to the Renaissance up until the present including modern art which unabashedly continues this tradition in the arts. It is time for us to reclaim art! Jane believes it is high time to clean up and activate art for its true purpose. To this end she is directing her expertise solely toward this endeavor through teaching the true purpose of art and all aspects of art associated with this purpose. (You can partake of her workshops here on the New Earth University site.) It is the children to whom we must first administer creative CPR by teaching them the basics of art. Their creativity must be revived and nurtured. Artificial Intelligence is sitting on a fence poised to leap upon our soulful creativity and devour it with a superficial soullessness called Post Humanism from which humanity may never recover as the very name implies. When the constant, incoming cyber-programming destroying the minds of our children is replaced by teaching them how be creative in their own right, we will see a shift in humanity’s evolution toward a more ascended way of being. To this end Jane Evershed wrote the book Splat! Which teaches how to teach art to our children and to ourselves. If you are among the “art frozen” you can easily start over with a fresh perspective by revisiting the art basics. According to a NASA Study 98% of us are born creative geniuses yet by adulthood this has diminished to 2%. We must make a concerted effort to remedy this by revisiting visual art as it has the capacity to reignite our dying creative neurons. Employing our new artistic skills and resulting critical thinking skills, we are then able to use our knowledge learned from studying the basics of art and apply them to the larger world around us. Composing now from an infinite number of elements available to us, (not just art materials), we are able to manifest a more aesthetically beautiful and healing environment by incorporating holism and new technologies such as energy, sound and light, into our creative endeavors. This is the true purpose of art fulfilled. When one invests their creative talent toward harmful entities that are not serving humanity one must recognize this and withdraw their creative input from that oppressive entity and rather seek to deposit one’s creative currency into only those endeavors that uplift humanity and provide spiritual nutrition. Human Creative Currency is then set to play a huge role in the coming age of enlightenment. As Jane says: “Our creative currency has the ability to make of this earth the paradise it was always meant to be, we can bring Heaven to Earth”

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