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Tapping into Source for Inspiration.

Always approach you canvas with utmost reverence. Don't even go near it if you are in a bad mood! Unless you of course want to purposefully create art that is dissonant and chaotic. There are so many ways to be inspired I could never name them all here, but here are a few obvious ways that you may not have heard of yet.

1. Upon Awakening.

When you are looking for inspiration to flow naturally through you, one of the best times for this is upon awakening. There is a space between sleep and awakening that is purely magical. Your mind is open to receive from the the other side as you are half-in and half-out of this world, and the world you were in when you were sleeping. If one asks for inspiration before going into slumber, this is when it will emerge. You may be given visions or ideas. Just remain receptive until you are fully awake. Once you are able to remember what you have seen or heard make visual or written notes to aid yourself in going forward. Do not be perturbed by the task of translating the sometimes prismatic multi-dimensional imagery that visits from the other side, that is their language and you have your own artistic language for this dimension.

2. Meditation.

When one has learned to empty their mind a natural doorway opens up to receive. There are many meditative methods to clear one's mind. Focusing on white noise, counting backwards from 100, deep breathing, choose which one fits you best and go with it. I like the 17 second deep breathing method, for a quick buzz and then if I get to the meditative state I can continue for as long as possible until I feel like opening up to receptivity.

3. Nature

Since Earth is the greatest artist/creator of all, many people are naturally drawn to nature for inspiration. From the vastness of her scapes, to the minute detail of her fibonacci-esque cartography and on through every lighting spectrum and color one could drown daily in the infinite inspiration that pulses from nature.

4. Emotion

And boy do humans have 'em! We even attach color to our emotions, red for anger, green for jealousy, black for depression etc. Line and shape work so well with emotion too, flowing lines invoke harmony and jagged lines reek of trauma. This is probably the number one reason that art is such good therapy. The angst within is easily taken from the body and left to die on the canvas. The emotion of pure love expressed through paint is often transmutable back to the observer and can spread its loving resonance into a whole room. An image that is full of emotion is very powerful and cannot help but to engage its viewer.

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