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Splatify your life!

When I came to the USA in 1984 from Africa, I had no friends or family except for my one young child and soon to be another. Knowing that my marriage was not going to work I had to get into survival mode. I knew that my art skills were good but to build a living around them I knew I had to be outstanding. I had to learn very fast how to create outstanding art. 6 years later I was able to buy a home for me and my children from the money I made selling my art and art products. I had to learn fast and make it simple, it worked, and now I am ready to share my secrets with you. Go to Jane Evershed Art website and subscribe today! I can teach you how to go from scribbling ideas on a tiny piece of paper to being confident when you get to your giant canvas! Here is an archive of my work from those earlier days, I am still selling prints to this day of that early work!

Here is where you can drop your e-mail for more info:

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