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SPLAT! Pre-order Book Launch!

As you can see I was recently inspired by a trip to Costa Rica, these are my memories of Montezuma. My book SPLAT! teaches you how to go from drawing to confidently facing a blank canvas in just ten steps, because if you take the time and patience to learn the basics of art you are ready to create to your heart’s desire.

This little book took me a lifetime of painting, time spent teaching art and two years to complete. At first it looks like just another art tutorial but it is so much more as you shall see! Once one has learned Drawing, Anatomy/Proportion, Perspective, Composition, Care of Art Tools, Brushes, Color, Tone, Texture, Value, Light and Shadow and finally Methods of Inspiration, one has learned almost all they need to know about art to go in any direction they wish to pursue... and this is key, to consciously deviate from it and begin to express from the soul.

My greatest inspiration for this book though was the journeys I took to Bali to absorb the wisdom of the NewEarth Project presenters at the Ancient Futures Festival, the World Health Sovereignty Summit and the Bali ITNJ seatings. The summits in Bali were hosted by Sacha Stone, founder of NewEarth Project, Humanitad and the ITNJ. They inspired me to take what I know best to the next level. I began to focus on the dire state of art in the world today and remedies for art health at a time when nobody had even realised that human creativity was in peril. I now sit on the NewEarth University* faculty of the Living Arts. NEU is the online new-paradigm learning community of the NewEarth Project. NEU synergizes ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we manifest a peaceful New Earth.

My contribution to NEU is a workshop on the truth about the visual arts and how to heal them. In turn, this book SPLAT! came out of that experience.

Art was highly revered in all the greatest civilizations and is also a vehicle for positive human evolution. For these reasons, everyone should know and learn how to teach the basics of art. Human creativity must be kept alive at all costs! Listen to this:

According to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA) scientists, a study on creativity levels revealed that 98% of children are born with a genius creativity level, by the time they reach ten years old only 30% of the children in the study were left in the genius category and by age fifteen that dropped to a staggering low of 12%. Sadly, after years of schooling adults are at a measly 2% that were left with their creative genius intact!

What better reason could there be to stay in touch with creativity than studying art and maintaining a high level of creativity throughout life? What better reason could be found to teach art to children and keep their creative genius alive and kicking from birth? So Splat yourself around the soul! Start being creative!

SPLAT! has everything needed under one roof to pursue your creativity and enable others to do so as well by learning how to teach the basics of art. This includes the ten basic steps of art with seamless lessons, the lessons flow from one to the other, inspiration methodologies, meditations for creativity, one for children and one for adults, and a progress chart with a celebration of completion once all the lessons have been completed to the best of your ability.

*As we have seen already, the constantly invading cyber-flow from devices that encrypt our children’s minds subliminally into the realm of the virtual matrix has already done much damage. It really does threaten to cut off our human soul-connection to source.

Children who learn art can halt and reverse this constantly invading cyber-flow. Hands on, get-muddy art produces a wholly organic, external creative-existence mode. This way of being and knowing then stays with them as they grow, as it is a rich authentic way of being, compared to frantically punching at devices for satisfaction hits and superficial program highs.

Have you ever heard of transhumanism? It is an agenda being rolled out that purports that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase and transhumanists believe that they can enhance humans with technology. If you want to become a non-terrestrial with no soul, feel free to embrace this maniacal escapade to dehumanize and control us!

As these transhumanists crouch in the dark waiting to pounce and turn us into automatons with technological tweaks to our sacred bodies propagandised as “ human improvements and progress” we stand well-armed with our souls drawn and sharpened at the ready. As long as we remain connected to our souls and our sovereignty as human beings, we remain strong and intact against the hubris of transhumanist techno-interference.

Ever notice how the arts are the first to be cut when schools start budgeting? That is because human creativity is a runaway freight train that will not be contained by any of the 2000 think tanks in the USA alone, such as Tavistock, the Brookings Institution and Synergy International to name a few that are all linked up like a global spider web to influence our thinking. No matter how hard they “think” about controlling culture and the arts they cannot succeed because humanity has a way of evolving organically.

Teaching and learning the Basics of Art goes a long way to solving this creeping dilemma of interference into the human psyche and genome. Indeed, our DNA and RNA are embedded with sacred geometry and said to hold all the memories of every creative human feat of the past. Could it be that the act of being creative activates our so-called “junk” DNA propelling humanity’s evolutionary journey into higher vibrational realms? Our journey into the predicted coming Golden Age requires that very first collective heart-step, followed by that second collective soul-step and the life-force of mind and body to complete the journey. Only by being tuned in to our higher creative selves will we be able to make this transition.

So who besides children, benefit from knowing a solid base in the arts?

Everyone benefits from learning visual art because once your creative neurons begin firing you can transfer your creativity into everything else you do from gardening and cooking to scientific research and writing. Painting from the soul transfers into creating from the soul in all areas and affects one’s immediate living environment and beyond as one seeks to be surrounded by an ever-more-pleasing world-aesthetic. In 2017 I was invited by Michael Tellinger to Ubuntu headquarters in South Africa to create huge murals depicting the ancient sites of Adam’s Calendar. I share this with you because it shows just one interesting way to incorporate the knowledge of painting into life.

Let me guess.

To reinvigorate your artistic self?

To learn creative sovereignty through art?

To affirm that you are creative energy in human form?

To be able to illustrate or decorate that great idea of yours?

Are you wanting to teach art… or hone your art-teaching skills?

Feeling art-frozen… wishing to learn how to defrost your artistic self?

Are you an art teacher who is frustrated with the educational art system?

Wanting to learn to teach art to loved ones who have shown an eager interest in

art even though you have never considered yourself a person who is able to teach art?

Are you wanting to be part of a new art-paradigm in the new world we are creating?

To apply the art basics in such a way that can allow the subconscious mind to take

over by naturally defaulting from the rules as you learn to create from the soul?

To experience being a conscious part of changing the art landscape of life?

To express your connection to source and humanity… especially now?

Feeling called to learn to contextualize the Great Art Awakening?

To prepare to delve into your natural-born creator-self?

And to connect with the Cosmos for inspiration?

Welcome aboard to your new artistic self!

Get SPLAT! or give one to a friend.

Pre-order now at my website.

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