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Some Fun Perks to being an Artist.

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

With a few paintings under your belt you can go out in public spattered in paint and give off the impression that you are busy. With a few paintings posted on social media you qualify as an artist and your video presentations with crazy wild hair and bohemian attire are all forgiven.

Look like hell at 8am? You are forgiven, after all you stayed up all night riding a wave of creativity that hit the shore at 3am. Of course this goes for other professions like writers and scientists too, just take a look at Einstein.

My favorite part is the clothing. You can literally put together otherwise outrageous outfits and people will love the look.

However this only works if you really are a true artist dedicated to your chosen line of art, otherwise you just look like an idiot trying to look cool! Beware the fine line!

So lose the heels and polished shoes, the ties and the hose, throw the stifling attire of corporate acceptability to the wind and learn how to be an authentic artist! You will never have to go to the Dry Cleaner's again!

No amount of money can buy these kind of perks! And of course I realize this is a very superficial reason for being an artist! Just remember to have fun being an artist an wear it well.

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