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Painting is Just Like Cooking!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

If you think of taste as visual delight and color as flavor it can help your "palette" immensely and literally!

Look at that red onion, that purple that surrounds it. Look at that lemon, all bright and sour.

Smell that garlic browning in the butter? Communing with edible delights from the earth, the world's greatest creator of all, is what creating art is all about.

When you lay down a line of color on canvas and it feels perfect to you, its like tasting passion fruit for the first time.

When you cook a perfect egg you feel the same as when you realize your composition is perfect. When your rice comes out fluffy and perfect you have painted the perfect fluffy cloud. All of creation is connected, no need to separate anything.

You can say you are a great cook but can't draw a stick figure yet, the truth is, if you can cook a great meal you have within you all the skills to create a great painting.

Once you know the basics, just like with cooking. How many gorgeous dishes of food have you lovingly served up? Sadly your art got eaten. What if you had taken your natural artistic expression into archival art? Your creativity would still exist for all to see! See more here; subscribe yo!

Plating? Painting? Hellllooooo! lol

Note: Please don't eat your paint! My dog ate my paint on two consecutive days, she ate blue paint first and then yellow, on the third day her poop was bright green, I kid you not! Why did you eat my paint Simone? I didn't eat it, she barked, I arted it!

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