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Painting from the Soul

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

In my mind, painting from the soul is the future of art.

Anyone can learn a skill and be a master-craftsperson behind paint, charcoal, lead whatever medium, yet as the vast landscape that constitutes visual art morphs into its future, these skills have been made almost redundant by the "techno-skills" of digital art programs. A snapshot can now look for all the world like an etching or an oil painting with just a few strokes of the keyboard.

One thing digital art programs will NEVER be able to do is paint from the soul OR the imagination because they have no soul. They may have a mastermind digital expertise supreme-nerd, techno-artist sitting behind their keystrokes to create incredible art, but it will always be digital.

In my understanding, the digital art programs themselves, create a barrier to true expression. Processing a beautiful memory or landscape through digital means kills the connection from the memory, into the mind, through the heart, into the hand and finally, onto the canvas. there is a digital firewall that will always exist when using technology to convey soul-felt ideas. If I painted only through keyboard strokes I feel I would have to call myself a Transhumanist Artist, as I am employing a wholly technical method to convey my image and not a heartfelt conveyance.

This phenomena takes true art into a whole new realm. This is a realm where the imagination is Queen, the ability to convey the soul on canvas is King, and the skill to use real paints, brushes, and other art tools are the princes and princesses of the royal family of Art.

The strokes made by real brushes are far superior to those made by keyboard strokes because the human element involved in making those strokes are not interrupted by a technological firewall that cuts them off from the cosmos. Think hand-written love letter as opposed to an e-mail love letter.

Since painting from the soul can only be imitated by digital-art programs then hands-on/imagination artists have now been elevated to a place in time that they have never been before. They are a dying breed. When one takes into account that schools are dropping art classes through lack of funding and by design, we see a future where these hands-on artists are beginning to die out. (Never mind the art curriculums that are still standing where the teaching methods leave much to be desired). Show me a school art-class that teaches painting from-the-soul with meditation, I honestly hope some exist.

The future of ART is painting from the Soul, now that any photo can be made an artistic masterpiece through digital art programs there is only one path left to take to rise above transhumanist life, that is; painting from the soul with REAL paints and REAL brushes and REAL heart and SOUL. An example of painting from the soul can be seen here:


Because teaching art correctly has the propensity to turn our world into a very beautiful place. I'll go into that in my next blog...

Jane Evershed

Evershed taught her first art class to Zulu children in South Africa in 1982 and her most recent student in Bali Indonesia in 2019. Evershed was invited to be on the New Earth University Art Faculty in 2019. As a young mother Jane found herself with no support so she turned to her art to make a living for her and her children way back in 1986! By the age of 30 she purchased their first home with the money she made from reproducing her art. Jane has been painting for forty years and is now ready to share her painting secrets with you!

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