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Let's Turn the Art-World upside-down & Inside-OUT!!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Teaching art is so important to humanity as a whole. (I have gone into previous blogs about this.) For too long we have suffered the disdain of art as a by-product of a very failed learning system that seeks to indoctrinate more than educate. Art has been shoved aside as some kind of luxury element in school curriculums. This must stop.

The Arts as a whole have been hijacked by the upper echelons of society who crown themselves kings and queens of what is, and is not, great art. All that changes now as we take back the realm of art for the people and claim art-sovereignty.

If the future of the arts is to thrive it is going to be represented by people expressing their souls. (In this case I speak specifically of visual art.)

No other "THING" can express soulfully through art except the human being. That is the law of the universe, which rejects transhumanism* outright. I believe all advancements and remedies in longevity and curing disease can be found in the natural world, by both physical and spiritual means.

When the pro-transhumanist scientists introduce thought-programming as a "natural" part of life it means GAME OVER for art. Indeed it seems that technology is at this very moment trying to head off free-thinking in every area as the powers that be, struggle to maintain control over humanity. Don your vigilance spectacles right now! Technology has no soul. If technology has no soul and dominates our future, there will be no more human art, it will all be AI-generated. Do you want to live in that world?

The so called "little people" of the art world must rise up and start taking themselves seriously, no one else will. We must reclaim art as one thee most important aspects of humanity's existence, because it is. For too long it has gone purposefully underrated and deemed mostly unnecessary unless it can be monetized in some form. In our current world art is deemed useless unless it can be magically transformed into fiat paper currency.

This of course flushes almost all born-artists from society as they become immediately deterred upon discovering that the chances of making a living from art outside of commerce, are few and far between. So they choose a primary way to garner an income and immediately their artistic tendencies become secondary, sometimes discarded for good.

This is such a shame because our world badly needs to be enhanced with a more artistic eye than your average construction guru whose hands of creativity are often bound by so many rules and regulations that the ONLY shelter they can build is ugly as sin with little or no "room" for startlingly gorgeous features. When costs and safety legislation are factored in, we all end up living in vast swaths of cheaply built boxes of varying sizes that does little to enhance the human existence and our everyday lives. When we embrace artistic values as very high on our list of standards, all this changes very quickly.

We must infiltrate our education systems with a means to prioritize the arts. We must learn how to teach the basics of art to our own children. We must do it now! Otherwise it shall slip away unnoticed through the slippery fingers of an ever-advancing technology that has humanity literally mesmerized right outta their very own souls!

* Transhumanism: A futurist philosophy with the goal of transforming the human species by means of biotechnologies. (Usually synthetic, because patenting nature is prohibited).

Jane Evershed

Evershed taught her first art class to Zulu children in South Africa in 1982 and her most recent student in Bali Indonesia in 2019. Evershed was invited to be on the New Earth University Art Faculty in 2019. As a young mother Jane found herself with no support so she turned to her art to make a living for her and her children way back in1986. By the age of 30 she purchased their first home with the money she made from reproducing her art. Jane has been painting for forty years and is now ready to share her painting secrets, teachings and art philosophy.

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