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Just Splattin' Around.

Learn to teach the basics of art

Anyone can do art, we sing before we speak, we dance before we walk and we draw before we write.

If you always felt your inner artist stirring to get out yet you never acknowledged it, put it on the back burner of life and now you think it’s too late, now is the time!

You don’t have to live out the rest of your life with this dream unchecked. The best time to plant a 200 year old Oak tree, was 200 years ago, the second best time is RIGHT NOW!

If you were ever “Art-frozen” in time, you can overcome this now. The steps in my art lessons make it so easy; it’s like walking down a pathway, away from any art-trauma issues you may have suffered in the past, toward a fresh sunlit way of exploring, expressing and healing your inner artist.

(It can be a beautiful bonding experience too.)

Lastly, there are direct health benefits to being creative such as an increase in dopamine, thwarting depression and stimulating the brain to ward off aging.

Art has been proven to be a very therapeutic activity; Being creative relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases brain synapse activity by stimulating the neurons and helps a number of traumatic mental health problems.

In other words its just plain healthy to be creative.

Without direction though, the experience of just creating for the sake of it and messing up can be damaging in the long run. Just the range of colors is daunting, not knowing how to care for your tools can hurt and muddy your visuals enough to make you give up.

Not knowing and understanding that art is a process has left many a creative person pulling their hair out in frustration. They build themselves up to create art and then become disappointed with the results because they do not have the full picture, (pun intended) of the steps needed to get an intended result.

This is what I teach; the simple steps to get there. Subscribe today and I will send you my Creation Meditation Video that you can use to enhance your work before you even start creating.

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