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Homo Spiritus Art

The Big Picture: Looking at creativity as vital energy for the positive evolution of Homo Spiritus.

Now there are a few versions one can find regarding Homo Spiritus and as I feel this term exactly aligns with where humanity is divinely guided as we evolve positively within our cosmos I am going to use this term henceforth. To me it simply means the spirited human, full with creative potential: the third eye open, a healthy functioning pineal gland, an open heart and the sloughing off of "junk" DNA strands returning to our original unaltered state of being. This state of Homo Spiritus allows all areas of creativity to be fully realized.

We can now rearrange the space/time continuum to suit the future we wish to live in. But where do we begin? We start with art as a basis, for artistry is at the root of all aesthetic and spiritual beauty within which we ultimately seek to reside. Our creative neuron-capacity to catalyze a fully realized evolved human future into existence has been stifled by design in many ways. For many people this means starting from scratch to revitalize those creative neurons to stimulate our hearts, minds and souls into full consciousness through artistic endeavors. This in turn will also stimulate those vital organs of the body such as the pineal gland, to be revitalized. When this happens one is able to see clearly through the veil that has been slowly and quietly dropped over the face of Homo Spiritus.

I can break this down into very easy terminology just by stating that when one's creative neurons are fired up one's decisions regarding all areas of life are now positively aspected to bring about an infusion of ideas that can now be applied to all areas of one's life. For example: Creativity infused into gardening, cooking and organizing. These tasks are no longer chores but rather delights wherein your creative self can apply itself with joy. Everything one can learn in visual art can be applied to all fields of discipline because the basics of art are easily applied by way of the natural laws of universal alchemy.

The basics of art hold the key to expansion of thought because they function together in a way that can be applied to many fields of interest. These universal laws in visual art are: Line, color, perspective, composition, light and shadow, inspiration methods and expression from the soul. These elements of visual study can be used to enhance almost anything you can think of, from a festival to furnishing a room to designing clothing and even to scientific studies, where patterns suddenly reveal unnoticed phenomena, before the eye was trained to see the bigger picture through the practice of visual art.

Are you beginning to see how important art is now? We are told that art is just another subject at school. Art is usually one of the first subjects cut when budgets dwindle. Have you ever asked yourself why? Hordes of creative people applying their creativity to all walks of life are a huge threat to the establishment. Our fully realized creative potential let loose in the world would render us uncontrollable. We would question everything, we would sense agendas that did not align with our positive evolution. The colors of war would appear murky

and unappealing, the composition of statutes would reveal themselves as out of balance with our best interests, we would see the dark areas of newly introduced acts and want to add more light. Our imaginations would conjure solutions and we would be divinely inspired to create alternative solutions. An enemy's perspective would quickly be perceived as too up front with no depth. This may sound like semantics to some, too much of a stretch you might think, yet once you make this leap with art and transfer the basics of art into all realms of life you will indeed begin to see the bigger picture!

This is what I mean by Homo Spiritus Art and its application to life. Just by learning, or learning to teach the basics of art you are doing humanity a great justice. As the powers that be seek to guide humanity away from our spirited selves through Transhumanist agendas we will require more and more people to be fully capable of accessing their creativity on a soul level.

This is why I have created a methodology for anyone to be able to reunite with their inner artist. It's a book called SPLAT! and you can see it here:

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