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Help Save Art!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The importance of art in our lives has been extremely overlooked and underrated.

There is a train, off-the-rails, careening toward the art classroom! More on that later...

The London Tube Oil on canvas Jane Evershed 1985

Buried within the process of creating art are a plethora of basic teachings. A young child learning art is actually making grand calculations in all disciplines by default.

They are doing math by measuring amounts of color to mix; two thirds yellow plus one third blue makes green. They are measuring the rate and effect of one color into another determining which color has a high or low contamination tolerance ?

They are doing scientific experiments and basic alchemy; oil and water do not mix, concentrate levels determine density and opaqueness, ascertaining absorption levels, implementing purification methods and so much more.

Biologically, they are learning metamorphosis as they watch their artistic creation grow and expand.

They are developing a language through communication, an original language that is theirs alone.

This is spirituality; the ability to draw from source in order to create. The ability to receive inspiration and transfer it from heart to hand to canvas.

Enter psychology; there is much to be said for the therapeutic elements that go with the process of making art.

Philanthropy; A child will often create art specially with a loved one in mind. They cannot wait to share it because they know the receiver will often feel great love and warmth from the gift.

"Look what I made for you!"

Communications; fill in the blank. You get the picture!

But wait! There's more! Once a child's creative synapses have learned to fire they go forward in life applying their imagination to everything! Whether they become an architect, engineer, healer, teacher, musician, the list is endless. Ultimately art is good and necessary for humanity's positive evolution. A divinely-inspired aesthetic lifts all boats.

Now, about that derailed train!

It is called the Transhumanist train.

Transhumanists advocate for the transformation of the human condition by "enhancing" the human intellect and actual physiology using "sophisticated" technologies. They believe that man is still in an early stage of development that needs man's improvement.

I am sure much improvement for humans is needed, but not in this techno-hubratic manner! (My word, emphasis on brat). This is man placing man above divine intelligence. This is man cutting humans off from source through technology. This is a threat to our creativity and the arts spectrum. We all know that new technologies and control go hand in hand too.

Transhumanism severely threatens the organic path of natural creativity that courses the human body and transmutes ideas from Universal Source.

It cuts the heart out of art.

Transhumanism denies the natural process of mind, heart and hand working in unison to create, and replaces the process with technologies that they deem superior to natural human tendencies.

This is a call to teach art, learn-to-teach art and keep creating yourself.

We must keep the heart of humanity pumping with the vital blood of life passionate creativity, thus rejecting any tampering that renders us mere robots. Man-made machinations that deem themselves superior to divine evolutionary design are a monstrous aberration to be avoided at all costs.

Damage incurred thus far in the effort to separate us from our creative genes through transhumanist-creep has been to end the teaching of cursive or long-hand writing in schools in the US, and to teach common-core nonsensical mathematical methods.

A much larger effort was to move art from the hands-on, get-muddy arena to the sterile screen-world of digital-art technology.

Digital technology has its benefits, but not at the expense of sacrificing Fine Art.

Digitally-interrupted creative processes are firewalls to the organic human circuitry that connects source-creator, through us, to our creativity.

Stop the train and get off.

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Thank you.

Keep creating!



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