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Creation Reclamation

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Reclaiming Creativity for Humanity.

by Jane Evershed

Humanity’s wealth lies in our creation currency which is far more valuable than actual money.

Money has been used as a tool to harness the creative currency of humanity to be used for an agenda that does not serve us.

Every propaganda campaign in history was financed using human creative currency, from prehistoric cave painting, to the Renaissance up until the present including every war in between.

Visual art in particular has been used to paint a false history of our true evolution. I call it the belittling and the bedazzling of humanity.

When a fiat currency is perceived as superior to creation currency the enemy prevails. When people understand that their imaginations are the key to our true emancipation and consequent actualization then shall we overcome tyranny.

This is a simple but evasive solution to grasp. Put very simply, when you apply any skill to any endeavor that seeks to suppress through control, you are using your god-given creative currency to advance an agenda that does nothing to enhance the existence of humanity.

The solution is simple: Withdraw your creative abilities from this system, which harvests and invests in your creation currency by paying you back in fiat worthless paper to build its empire of surveillance and control.

Deposit the best of your creation currency, artistic inspiration, magnificent skill sets in the bank that pays you the most interest on your existence investment. Allow your flame of creation to manifest for you and the best interests of humanity at large. May the blue flame of safety and protection engulf your spirit.

We have reached a precipice where Artificial Intelligence is poised to replace human creativity altogether. The only way it has been able to do this is by mining FROM the vast past human creativity data base and applying algorithms to extract the gold of everything we have ever created to present it as original artistry. This can take the form of music videos, paintings, stories, business propositions, the list is endless.

We are allowing this to happen by buying into this invasive technology. Though it works fast it can never surpass true creation currency because it is not human.

Knowing that we are born into this world equipped with creative genius should give us the divine right to take back our creativity to serve humanity rather than a relentless occult agenda that never sleeps in its pursuit to take over the entire planet and everything on it.

If you are investing your creative talent into any nefarious endeavor, withdraw from that oppressive bank and deposit your creative currency into only those endeavors that seek to uplift humanity in some way.

Our bank of service-to-others will grow incrementally if we do this. We have invested for too long in the bank of service-to-self that has only delivered devastation and destruction in our communities and upon our planet by design.

To this end we have seen a huge decline in creativity because our enemies are well aware of its true value and how powerful the imagination is in manifestation. To this end they have devised systems where our creativity has been stifled to such a point that we no longer remember how to apply it to our most basic instinct, which is that of survival.

The most creative among us are harvested to direct their creative energies toward the perpetuation of our demise. This looks good on the surface but is detrimental to all of us.

We enjoy all the entertainment this brings yet these high definition, futuristic looking creations are distractions and propaganda tools at the same time.

To all of those who ask how can I get my creative currency moving again, I say start at the beginning by reawakening your creative neurons. Start drawing, then paint, study the rules of art as if you were a super hero about to save planet Earth. For you will be just that once your creative neurons fire up.

Practicing art leads to the ability to place any elements into a harmonious composition and requires critical thinking. Once you see these connections and realize the true purpose of art and how to apply to everyday existence the big picture emerges like a balm of sanity washing over you. It’s really that simple.

Let us remove the devices from the hands of our children and replace them with the tools of creativity. Human creativity will seep out into the world much faster that way.

When the constant, incoming cyber-programming destroying the minds of our children ends,

we will see a shift in humanity’s evolution toward a more ascended way of being.

Recently a teacher removed a computer “game” from a hypnotized student, this young man was so affected as to beat the teacher to the ground in rage, relentlessly as if in a trance, until he was pulled off of her by concerned fellow students.

Programmed destruction will be edited out of the mainframe and in its place will come the creation of the caliber that God intended for us as the sons and daughters of Prime Creator Source.

The more people begin to extract themselves from this destructive system that has been creeping up on us over millennia, the easier it will be to overcome.

Just knowing that your creation currency is the most valuable currency on earth, the most powerful asset we have and using it will sink the ship of fiscal control over us.

Our creative currency has the ability to make of this world a place of such glory that no war nor pestilence shall ever visit here again. Our creative currency has the ability to make of this earth the paradise it was always meant to be.

If you have lived by man’s law

You are probably tired and old

If you have lived by God’s law

You are likely inspired and bold.

Prime Source Creator law is universal

Man-made laws are but localized sorcery.

One has to recognize the lies

Of psychopathic-self-destruction


As the inevitable progress and advancement

Of the human condition

Backed by a fiat controlling monetary fiction.

One has to but open one’s eyes

And recognize

The value of one’s own

Creation currency

And the most fruitful way

To spend it.


Jane Evershed has been painting in oils for over forty years. Her first endeavor out of high school was to teach children’s art classes. She has taught art in South Africa, the USA, Indonesia and Mexico. She believes that art being an outstanding feature of highly evolved civilizations warrants as many people as possible to learn and teach creativity toward the higher purpose of humanity’s positive evolution. She teaches art with a focus and goal of creating from soul. Internal creativity in children must be nurtured from a young age as it is being threatened by too much external techno-interference. Jane began painting and distributing reproductions and originals of her work nationally in the United States for twenty five years with great success. After being invited by Michael Tellinger to Ubuntu headquarters in South Africa to create huge murals depicting the ancient sites of Adam’s Calendar coupled with trips to Bali to absorb the wisdom of the NewEarth presenters at two World Health Summits Jane focused on the dire state of art in the world today and remedies for art health. The summits in Bali hosted by Sacha Stone, founder of NewEarthorizon inspired her to create SPLAT! which teaches the art basics in ten steps. Jane now sits on the NewEarth University faculty of the Living Arts. *NEU synergizes ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we manifest a peaceful New Earth. Web site: SPLAT! Personal Art Consultations: Youtube channel: Prints and Giclees available here: Instagram: Facebook Page:

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