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Artfreeze or Art Frees?

I coined this term; "ARTFREEZE" after hearing about people who at one time in their lives felt wonderful about creating art and then something happened and they never returned to their creative selves. If you are one of THOSE people you know what I am talking about!

For some, the reason was practical, "you can't make a living out of art" is about the most common.

Artfreeze can set in when the artist's process is openly ridiculed in front of a class. An artist deeply engrossed in their masterpiece will return to see an art teacher's scrawl across their work, commonly known as a "correction"! Last of all receiving an "F" for getting a color too light while "COPYING" another piece of art was the last straw for one artist I spoke to.

I am here to tell you that artfreeze is fixable! Easily fixable. You can go back and pick up those artist's tools and start fresh and confidently. You can return to that damaged creative child and repair her or him. I can show you how with my ten-step SPLAT! program I have developed over my lifetime of painting for forty years. Its simple and healing.

If you have any stories like this please share them with me here:

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