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Art will Save the World!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Let me count the ways! (Video here)

People in countries that have been colonialized (which by definition means the act of bringing into subjugation), are trained in school to think that art is just a sidekick of all the other subjects such as history or geography. This is by design and far from the truth. The first thing to go when budgets tighten up guessed it! The arts. The Omo people of Ethiopia on the other hand live their entire existence as artists and even dress up in nature!

Once artists graduate from high school into the “fine art” category it really gets crazy! We have an anything goes attitude such as my favorite, Cattelan's Banana, taped to a wall selling for tens of thousands of dollars. You don't even get the banana, just a piece of paper on how to assemble it on your own wall.

No art movement since the Impressionist era ending in the early 1900's has held any of the beauty of the art that preceded it. From Suprematism and the socialist and political ideology of the Constructivism period to Pop Art, Minimalism, Crypto Art and everything in between I see nothing but the normalization of ugly, garish trends deemed "high art" by art academy aficionados. These sentinels of Academentia behave as if there were a visual propagandist agenda afoot that must be coveted at all costs in order to denigrate art and keep her chained in the basement. They do their work well.

What we are never told is that there is pure magic in the process of creating art. Art has a much higher purpose than it's face-value image. Art has the power to bring Heaven to Earth. Art is alchemy. One learns to read that one may learn about the world. One learns to write, that one might write to express oneself.

I would hope that one learns art so that one might learn to create majesty upon this plane. This was once the measure but today art has been hijacked and so far removed from its original purpose that it's about time someone said something!

Art is the missing link. Those who sit in seats of power require us to read and write that we may obey their laws, abide by them and participate in their fantastic fiduciary entrainment camp. Beyond that they have no need for us to learn the frivolity of the true purpose of art. It's up to you and I now, to spread the word.

Our adversaries need us to create for them on their behalf, for I have heard on many an occasion that they themselves are unable to create! And perhaps may even be of a different ilk altogether?

Therefore when a creative project, furthers their control-agenda, be it cinematic or an art installation, artists are paid highly for their artistic contributions. It is when we humans get creative outside the realm of our slavery, that we are duly admonished and ridiculed as crazy fools and left to starve. (Same modus operandi as today with the rampant censorship, old trick, new day.)

Creative people are extremely hard to reign in. Maverick artists must be kept in poverty and seen as mad, and die young. "Let that be a lesson young vagabond, you have defied our code of obedience!" The decode being, "Don't awaken the masses with your inspiration and new found abilities to manifest your dreams."

Most importantly for our self-appointed "leaders" everyone must believe that being an artist takes a special talent, when in fact we are all born highly creative. Winslow Homer says it best:

Winslow Homer on talent:

"What they call talent is nothing but the capacity for doing continuous hard work in the right way."

So, Jane, you said "Art will save the world", How so?

When we learn the process of creation through the study of art from a young age we learn how to merge different elements into harmonious union, this is called fusion. Learning visual art is the basis of learning the principles of fusion. The study of art is to learn the first steps in gathering elements to create the whole.

Because our education system itself is divided into separated segments of study and a holistic approach to education is not taught, the only place left for us to get us some "fusion crack" is from creating art! Art is fusion.

We create art by the process of elimination and inclusion, a finished piece of art is a process of the organization of elements into a harmonic whole. Why is this so important?

It is the same process that nature uses to create life itself. Nature in turn is designed by Prime Creator. When we create art that is in harmony with life, we are acting as the offspring of God. "Verily, verily, I say unto you: These things shall ye do and more."

I would add to that:

"May your god-gene indeed be activated, for it holds the secrets of creation within it."

Those who concoct our “education” system know this. The system is quick to discourage artists and independent creativity that operates outside of their system. The promotion of independence or sovereignty in any way is scoffed at.

These self-appointed leaders of the bloodline dynastic multi-trillionaires holding our world under siege witnessed the burgeoning of human creativity during the Renaissance with its focus on the arts and all the inventions that sprung forth in the 1800’s after the Renaissance period. They quickly sought to prevent another dangerous surge of human amazingness, by establishing their think tanks to curtail our creativity through establishing a hierarchical education system which I call Academentia. The great forgetting.

The feisty creative humans of post Renaissance times invented and enjoyed levitation technology and silent comfy Zeppelin travel between New York and London, free electromagnetic energy from the ethers, electric bikes, and a host of other devices on par and superior to many other gadgets we still have today.

Humanity was moving fast and furiously into a glorious, but uncontrollable future. (Emphasis on uncontrollable.) This all came to a screeching halt with the arrival of the Robber Barons and the insertion of the think tank armies to disperse the memo that every angle and aspect of society must be contained, controlled, surveilled and monitored, especially culturally. Culture is the arts.

The industrial revolution hastened in an age of modern slavery disguised as freedom that rendered creatives into guinea pigs on treadmills and guided humanity toward rampant consumerism causing a defcon level-one creation stasis.

Now here’s the part where art saves the world! You just had to know a little history first!

Once one has learned the basics of art from a young age, that is to assemble the objects and colors, composition, light and shade to bring to bear a harmonious whole upon their canvas, they have learned the art of fusion. Using the key ingredients of inspiration and originality that make a work of art so compelling, they are now creating from soul. So too does this occur when this same process is applied to any area of life that needs improvement. The art of self expression learned, becomes the art of positive human evolution manifested through creativity.

This translates into the ability to assemble the parts for constructing creative inventions from all the “parts" available on earth and in the cosmos including divine inspiration and the elements of nature and quantum physics. We are biological, organic spaceships whose abilities know no bounds!

The best example I can think of to illustrate this point are Tesla’s drawings, yes, they were drawings as well as being diagrams! He used those drawings and made prototypes of free energy devices. When the biggest, greediest Robber Baron of them all, who was financing Tesla’s work came along and asked Tesla how he would be able to monitor his inventions in order to charge money for their output Tesla proclaimed that he could not. J.P. Morgan had his tower at Wardenclyffe destroyed post haste.

Tesla's drawings had the power to change the world for the better and contribute to the positive evolution of humanity! With free energy we are all free.

Trouble is, those in control made sure free energy would never be available to the masses! Its too late now! Too many people are working to bring this tech to fruition. And what happens when people jump off the treadmill? They become CREATIVE, they have time to be their creative selves and apply their time to creating an aesthetic and beautiful world where no-one suffers and there is peace across the realm. It happens that fast!

As we know from a NASA study, 98% of us are born creative geniuses, by the time we reach adulthood our creativity levels are reduced to 2%. I say that if we start teaching art to our young ones we can reverse this dismal situation and rectify the current low creative output of humanity. Even better, those whose creative neurons lie dormant, can rejuvenate them by studying the basics of art and begin to apply their creativity to the world as it is. Learning the basics of art easily unthaws those once art-frozen in their creative tracks.

Our recent history shows us that we were once a very creative species and much of the architecture and decoration within and without the structures of Tartaria were glorious to behold. Not only that but the antiquitech in operation was literally bringing heaven down to earth. The resonance this process created was a healing energy that surrounded the people and kept them in ease and good health.

The artistry being employed using this technology was not only aesthetically marvelous but it operated in absolute vibrational synchronicity with the vibrant genius design and complexity of the human body, helping maintain it at peak performance.

This was always the true purpose of art and our highest calling, to create.

It is the the lack of emphasis on our creativity and artistry that has led us to the bleak and barren landscapes we now find ourselves traversing today.

Time to break out of this grey malaise and start learning and teaching art again! Quick! We must catch it before it becomes the sole domain of artificial intelligence!

Art can change the world.

Want more in depth info and a few art basics teaching lessons? Check out my art course at

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In this light I also created a book that teaches the basics of art including inspiration methods. It can be used to teach art or learn art yourself to get those creative neurons firing once again. You can find it here:

Eight hour art lecture at New Earth University here:

Jane Evershed has been painting in oils for over forty years. Her first endeavor out of high school was to teach children’s art classes. She has taught art in South Africa, the USA, Indonesia and Mexico. She believes that art being an outstanding feature of highly evolved civilizations warrants as many people as possible to learn and teach creativity toward the higher purpose of humanity’s positive evolution. She teaches art with a focus and goal of creating from soul. Internal creativity in children must be nurtured from a young age as it is being threatened by too much external techno-interference. Jane began painting and distributing reproductions and originals of her work nationally in the United States for twenty five years with great success. After being invited by Michael Tellinger to Ubuntu headquarters in South Africa to create huge murals depicting the ancient sites of Adam’s Calendar coupled with trips to Bali to absorb the wisdom of the NewEarth presenters at two World Health Summits Jane focused on the dire state of art in the world today and remedies for art health. The summits in Bali hosted by Sacha Stone, founder of NewEarthorizon inspired her to create SPLAT! which teaches the art basics in ten steps. Jane now sits on the NewEarth University faculty of the Living Arts. *NEU synergizes ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we manifest a peaceful New Earth. Web site: SPLAT! Personal Art Consultations: Youtube channel: Prints and Giclees available here: Instagram: Facebook Page:

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