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Art is Math 1+1= YOU.

There is a mysterious group of people who decide what great art is. You want to avoid them. You want to focus on what is inside you that needs to be expressed. We don't need to be comparing ourselves to what the art market deems as "great".

Think of it this way, some artists are selected, not elected, to be great, then a whole lotta people make money from said artist's work. Art is so not about money!

Art is about expressing the soul self. If you have not noticed most art being trafficked these days is abstract, no explanations necessary. Nothing wrong with abstract but let's just say it is benign. Where is the inner expression of the human behind those abstract pieces?

Lets just take a 3 million dollar wall and run a piece of linolium from it and call it...minimalism. I call SOULESS BS!

Every human is unique and everything they express on canvas is valid and worthy and expresses their originality. This is what art really is, the expression of human existence, al la Grotte de Lascaux, in France.

As artists we must focus on letting our uniqueness out, we have for too long been in the dog pound waiting for an owner to take us home and out of our misery. We are sovereign and what we create is relative to nothing external.

Painted during the invasion of Libya.
Mother and Child during Wartime. Acrylic Jane Evershed. 2002, Reaction to Shock and Awe.

It is ours, 1 + 1 is YOU! 2+2= FOURTITUDE to believe in yourself and 3+3 is your 6th sense emerging to reveal your original self on canvas. Sign up here for my art lessons:

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