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A New Art Paradigm is Here.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Time to rise to the occasion! Time to expose the failings and skewed direction that art has taken across the spectrum from marketing to academia. Time to look at the necessity of art in the context of positive human evolution. Time to make art easily accessible to all and not an exclusive luxury for the monied few who arrogantly deign which art is great and that which is not.

With the rising consciousness of the masses it is becoming more and more clear that art has been minimized and hijacked as it is a crucial elemental tool in the evolution of the human species. Besides food, water and shelter.

How does it qualify as everything? Let me count the ways;

Everything we see resonates with the human body. Think about how punishing it is for a human to suffer solitary confinement. They become spiritually depleted by the day as their immediate environment is lacking in visual stimulation coupled with the deprivation of never seeing into the eyes of another soul begins to take a toll on their psyche. In other words they exist in a visually dead zone devoid of creation.

On the other end of the spectrum we see that people who have access to the beauty of nature, and appreciate it, are healthy, happy and stimulated by the visuals they interact with on a daily basis. Indeed nature is the supreme artist. Nature works with the infinite palette of form, light, color, time and alchemy, as do so many artists when creating.

I imagine originally the purpose of art was to please, to bestow surprising aesthetics foraged from nature's bounty to share and delight in with others. As technology progressed art became integral with all elements surrounding humans from lovingly made toiletries to beautifully endowed architecture, the likes of which we cannot seem to surpass in this day and age. Why not? Humanity regresses without ornamentation and beauty surrounding it. Standards of beauty surrounding us have dropped rapidly to the point where most humans seem quite content to dwell in the grayness of angular, unforgiving surroundings that do nothing to lift their spirits. WHY? How did we sink our standards to such a low aesthetic?

One has to peruse the paintings of forgone eras depicting people in flowing gowns playing beautifully fashioned harps on verandas adorned with sculpted fountains to see what humanity has walked away from as far as standard aesthetic. There are millions of these ornately built places still left standing in ruins all over the world as a testament to a people who valued art and nurtured artistry with a visible passion.

Why are the arts not immediately integrated into all other disciplines today, why has art been subtracted from the equation and how did we let this happen?

Sadly today we find that art has been bunched in with math, English and history as just another subject in the school curriculum. The truth is, if education systems incorporated the basics of art at an early age into the system as a crucial grounding for life, we would quite possibly be living in a completely different and more beautiful world. Such is the importance of art.

The powers that be are well aware of the power of the unleashing of creativity into all disciplines that they have held it back by design lest the world spin out of their control in a flurry of empowering aesthetic glory that lifts all spirits and propels us readily into the 5th dimension where new energy technologies and art merge into a new paradisiacal existence as glorious as those of past ages.

In the words of Sylvie Ivanova;

"We have had enough lies,

the time has come to unveil the real history

and claim our rightful heritage, because we are

descendants of Gods and magicians and have the

right to live on a beautiful green clean planet and use

our deactivated magical powers."

To this end I am developing an art curriculum in three phases to remedy this lack of the importance of art as a tool to reactivate our latent magical powers.

The first phase would be an early education in the basics of art, access to the higher self through meditation and teaching inspiration methods that jump-start latent and inherent creativity within the child.

The second phase would be for art teachers to learn how to teach the basics of art and inspiration methods, without bias, preference or judgement.

The third phase is to heal the many would-be artists who have experienced what I have coined "Art-freeze"; those who have suffered some trauma whereby their creativity became frozen in time and they have a negative association with expressing creativity that needs to be removed and healed.

(There are of course many aspects to these three phases which I have gone into more detail in other blogs/ videos.)

I have partnered with NEU, New Earth University, the only institution truly interested in my type of art direction and is also as passionate as I am about the importance of art and the thriving of true artistry in our social realm. NEU will aid in developing a comprehensive curriculum going forward.

Thus far I have developed a rudimentary outline to address the problem as far as curriculum goes. I am most thankful for NEU and their interest as an educational institutions to help implement these studies. (Hopefully also, I can find someone who can sponsor and procure professional instructional videos and other materials to this end).

I am also looking to partner with an art materials entity to highlight the importance of creating from the soul which can only be done through heart, hand, soul integration and connecting with source. I feel that as digital art technologies proliferate the need for hands-on art supplies may dwindle altogether. Digital creating is itself a firewall to tapping into source which is why humanity MUST keep these skills of hands-on creativity alive. Right now there are AI artists having solo shows, I kid you not. Artificial Intelligence generated art is indeed eerie to behold and seems to me to produce aberrations of horror devoid of soulfulness.

You can view the video version here

About Jane;

Jane Evershed was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and came to live in the US in Minneapolis, MN in 1984. In that same year she won the Minneapolis Metro Transit bus design award after which she launched a career marketing journals, books, large prints and notecards of her art which she marketed across the US and in many other countries for 25 years.

During this time she spoke at many universities and colleges, sharing her art and poetry, winning awards and various commissions. In 1994 Harper Collins published a book of her art and Poetry. In 2000 Jane transformed her home into a gallery and fundraising venue in Kenwood Minneapolis MN. USA.

In 2006, after her children had left home, Jane went to live in the woods of Wisconsin for 7 years where she continued to paint and evolve her style without the constraints of everyday life.

Upon her return to Minnesota in 2013 Jane began her Remembering the Divine Feminine series as a natural evolution from her earlier Power of Woman and other series that spoke to environmental degradation and the parallels of women’s rights (or lack thereof) worldwide. She also began teaching children’s art classes at Joan of Art Studio in Minneapolis.

In 2018 Evershed spent 3 months designing and painting the mural designs for Ubuntu headquarters in Mpumalanga South Africa for Michael Tellinger at Stone Circle Lodge.

Jane’s work is ultimately inspired by nature and our relationship to it. She observes the genius of the natural world and allows it to determine lines of life on the canvas that often evolve into otherworldly dimensions and states of consciousness not yet arrived at by our slow evolution. Examples of these would be LEAVING TIME, STEPS TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS and CHANTING DESTINY, to name a few of her latest works.

Jane Evershed: Statement:

“My artistic endeavor throws abstract art into the dustbin of pedagogic art history. Art is meant to reveal the higher self of humanity striving for the zenith of the aesthetic. What happened to that high notion? Did art become reduced to a means of laundering money in a world where the elite control the art market perhaps? Did art fall martyr to the digital gods? Oil painting, like stained glass windows should be a part of life, like growing a garden. These skills must not be lost to humankind. Our schools are remiss in teaching art in many ways for many reasons, I hope to help fill this void by sharing the basics of art in a simple way with children, teachers and heal those whose creativity has been frozen.”

In 2019 Jane Evershed was invited by Dr. Nancy Ash, Chancellor, to be part of the New Earth University, Living Arts faculty.

New Earth University website:

Jane Evershed Art website;

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