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Conquest by Culture

Modern Art is being used as a weapon of mass deception right under our noses and we can neither see the writing on the wall nor smell the odorless, odious poison it emits.

The study of visual art should be serving as a CATALYST for great human creative endeavors to propel us forward into the Golden Age.

It does NOT!

If we are to correct this we must take the time to understand how art got to the crazy state it is in now.

Not realizing the profound effect art has had on mankind deep within so many cultures, we fail to pay attention to modern and contemporary art, dismissing it as a sidebar of life.

However, modern art is one of the most controlled areas of society because it is an easy entrance into the human psyche through one of our five senses: our eyes.

In societal structure art is filed under culture, which is heavily patrolled by all media and is backed by the same oligarchs that control the central banking system, science, health, history and all disciplines of study. Art is considered one of the giants of influence yet it is at the same time downplayed as a mere entertainment feature of life, by design.

We saw the power that visual art can demonstrate over the mind when we were blindsided by the fake prehistoric cave art that was presented to us as visual evidence for man evolving from Apes. Many people bought it.

(To see this video on my Youtube channel just tap the pic.)

By studying modern art we can see how this same tactic of persuasion is being implemented today through the Modern Art Complex to goad us toward accepting Transhumanism.

It is important that we remain fully human and organic, connected to Prime Creator Source rather than a synthetic central hub of intelligence where we shall be bound as soulless entities for eternity, slaves to the whims of technology.

The masks of indigenous peoples initially inspired Picasso and he stole their mask imagery and made it his own work. Thus began the extended age of the artistic ravaging and fragmentation of the human species as new artists followed suit. Humans became depicted now as distorted abberations rather than the magnificent beings that we are. This relentless display of tortured and deformed faces fomented a subconscious self-repulsion by the human species over decades.

Meanwhile across the pond in America the idea for the Museum of Modern Art was developed in 1929 by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, wife of John D. Rockefeller Jr. who in time became MoMA’s greatest benefactor.

MoMA still profits today under the trusteeship of prominent corporate billionaires such as Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock.

We have to ask ourselves WHY? What is it about modern art that has the attention of the CEO of the largest corporation in the world? Many members of the Council on Foreign Relations are also trustees of MoMA. Why are world affairs so closely related to modern art? Got any ideas?

Is there perhaps another reason more than the art itself? Is it perhaps a front for a much more lucrative business model that is fast overtaking even drugs and guns?

Now let's take a look at the marriage of Art and Science...

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest societies in the United States. It was founded in 1780 during the American Revolution by John Adams, John Hancock, and other Founding Fathers of the United States. Under the Arts and humanities section 5, Visual Arts sit right beside philosophy, history and literature. Art is a really big deal to these people and they understand fully the impact that art has on shaping society.

That is why there have been over two hundred different art movements spawned within a 100 year time span yet the sole Byzantine period of art lasted almost 1000 years. (According to historians).

Over time, in tiny incremental steps modern art introduced Materialism by way of Art Deco, Fascism by way of Futurism, Anarchy by way of Dada, Pro-war sentiment by way of the Propaganda Art Movement, Mass Consumerism by way of Pop Art, Manipulated Science by way of The Environmental Movement which emerged in the 1960s to effect social and political issues relating to natural and urban environments and on and on to mold the future by a falsley perceived consensus through over 200 visual art movements.

Why so many art movements in such a short period?

Simply put, Art being a universal language is more efficient in conveying propaganda than the written word.

As time sped up it was necessary to develop an arsenal of visual propaganda to feed into the eyes of the masses to justify two World Wars, a Cold War and smaller yet ongoing and strategic worldwide wars in order to normalize the notion of endless conquest under the pretext of maintaining order in the world.

It was act two of the Roman Crusades during the Renaissance, amped up by the Industrial Age now to ensure the goal of full spectrum dominance toward a Post Humanist world.

Within just a decade before WW1 artists removed the nurturing element from woman by portraying women as angular and metallic and no longer soft and curvacious.

This was all a visual ploy to prepare women to lend themselves to the "war effort" and all the acrobatics that were solicited via art and multi-media in this propaganda extravaganza summonsed an army of Rosie the Riveters.

Again and again we rise to the occasion only to be exploited. Now that we know that both sides of the World Wars were funded by the same faction I don't think we humans would have been so eager to answer that "call to duty" for without us those wars would have been impossible to wage.

Modern art has even been weaponized in psychological operations by the CIA who established a division known as the Propaganda Assets Inventory, a branch of psychological warfare intended to boost pro-American messaging during the Cold War. Who is say when and if this infiltration ever ends?

Modern Art galleries were built especially to house modern art while endless articles, exhibits and trends are perpetuated by the art created. Surprisingly few in number of artists generate work that psychologically affects the many. The names Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Motherwell, Pollock, Rothko, Warhol, Basquiat have been burned into our brains yet few of us could name a local artist. We have been trained to believe that great art is measured in fame and fortune.

The art academies have made sure to churn out art to fit the next trend designated to affect the populace culturally, focusing heavily on abstract art which is noticeably devoid of meaningful social commentary. Many of their directives come from think tanks such as Tavistock.

Modern Art has also served as a measure to our adversaries as to how much insanity the general populace will tolerate without putting up a fight. They used the Shock Art Movement to experiment with this notion to raise the bar and take measurements as to the tolerable level of madness, then they would raise it. A recent example was Cattelan's Banana duct-taped to the wall, the most famous is DuChamp's Urinal.

Today we have reached a point where we are being sold physically impossible science as truth through art. A sculpture of a man breastfeeding attests to this. This is specifically designed to step on your sense of logic, defy natural biology and butcher your comprehension of the true function of language.

This area of contemporary art is a testament to the worship of Moloch or Baal who is always depicted as half male and half female with breasts and male genitalia. The greater intent behind this psychopathic operation is for you to believe that our adversaries are superior to Prime Creator Source. The brainwashed prepubescents who undergo chemical invasion and mutilation to change their genders are known by satanists as "Living sacrifices", but they don't tell them that prior to surgery.

In reference to art and literature the English word contemporary comes from Latin con-, Latin temporarius. (Temporal, temporary. Transitory.) From Middle English temporal, ("transitory, worldly, material, of secular society”) In other words worldly rather than highly spiritual, contemporary art is disconnected from the organic intelligence of the cosmos. It focuses on the superficial rather than incorporating soul-essence into the completed work.

In this service-to-self existence it is easier to justify “do what thou wilt” and accept the unacceptable such as the destroying of a child’s innocence through pedophilia and any number of sexual deviances including sacrificial rituals, no matter how heinous they may be, in order to satisfy the seven satanic desires of pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. Research the Podesta Art Collection. (stuff so bad journalists don't show it in articles.)

To qualify this behavior we see contemporary art that displays utter irreverence for the Christ Consciousness and holds the work of sociopaths in high esteem. Examples of this are Piss Christ, 1987, by Andres Serrano’s photograph of a crucifix submerged in the artist's own urine and The Holy Virgin Mary with elephant dung all over it on a background of pornography by Chris Ofili. Another artist not worth mentioning even had his own gold-plated feces up for sale: The install consisted of glass cases containing gold-plated pieces of his own excrement; together they sold for a total of $500,000.

Finally even the Chinese Ministry of Culture had to crackdown on this type of art and banned the use of corpses or body parts in this Shock Art movement that had started to proliferate as an infantile ploy for desperate artists and galleries to garner attention.

Speaking of the exorbitant price tags on art, we cannot dismiss all the financial shenanigans connected to art. "The New American Painting” tour, 1958 -1959 was the first of more than 50 exhibitions sent abroad by MoMA’s International Program.

Apart from money laundering practices they made the artwork that they themselves collected, by sending art shows of art they owned all across Europe and the US. Publishing them in art history books for curriculum made the art famous and then they put them up for auction at Sothebys or Christie’s at exorbitant prices.

David Rockefeller’s personal art collection auction at Christie’s in the spring of 2018 netted almost a billion dollars all of which was donated to “CHARITY”. Charity being those organizations that devote themselves fully toward the New World Order’s many divisive and political agendas toward Globalism which often debuted through art exhibit topics such as Climate, Transhumanism, Transgender and Covid art shows to name a few.

In the case of modern art we are expected to believe that it is our destiny to become post- human. Post Humanism is the end game of modern art aided intrinsically by post modernist art, hybrid experimentation, Transhumanism, Extropism and other technological and surgical augmentations represented through art.

Human enhancement through technological advancement is fast becoming the route to post-human or cyborg-like biological entities. Cyborg technologies enable and support collective intelligence which can be easily remote controlled by a central ruling hub.

It will initially be sold as a human enhancement replacement for lost limbs etc but the controller in a bio-mechatronic device relays the user's intentions to the actuators which can easily be connected to a control center. It also interprets feedback information to the user that comes from the biosensors and mechanical sensors, (future surveillance system).

At this point we will no longer be human and unable to rearrange the timeline of our destiny.

Seemingly harmless art movements such as Transhumanism have an intended mission by way of misleading visuals and faked acceptance of the normal progression of humanity when they are in truth an abberation.

It has come to a point where the tragic trajectory of the hidden agenda of modern art has become a danger to humanity, and it seems that most people are blind to it. I feel my cries falls mostly on deaf ears.

A big part of the solution lies in reclaiming the entire realm of visual art for humanity's benefit. We must teach our children art and the application of its true purpose in the organic evolution of humankind.

Holding our own community art exhibits whilst supporting our local artists would go a long way toward this endeavor. It would raise a renewed interest in art that the average person could relate to circumventing these self-proclaimed elitists from continuing to co-opt such a huge part of what could become an aesthetic healing of our living environment and so much more than that, as phase three of art outlines in my previous blog.

But wait! There is more! We have REmodernism to look forward to! I am choosing to save the best for last, which I will cover in my next blog. Just remember its not all doom and gloom and there are plenty of solutions of which I have spoken to on my Youtube channel.

Do not despair its all one big lesson and we shall overcome. It's all about us implementing our precious Creation Currency and not giving it away for a nefarious agenda.

Thanks for listening! Feel free to comment, I love feedback.

Peace All Ways


Jane Evershed Mission Statement

Jane Evershed has broken new ground in understanding the true purpose of art. She is the first to reveal the truth about Prehistoric Art and the Renaissance as psychological operations against humanity.

The true purpose of art has been kept a secret because the power of human creativity is one of the greatest threats to the status quo and our positive human evolution toward ascension.

Every propaganda campaign in history was financed using human creative currency, from prehistoric cave painting to the Renaissance up until the present including modern art which unabashedly continues this tradition in the arts. It is time for us to reclaim art!

Jane believes it is high time to clean up and activate art for its true purpose. To this end she is directing her expertise solely toward this endeavor through teaching the true purpose of art and all aspects of art associated with this purpose. (You can partake of her workshops here on the New Earth University site.)

It is the children to whom we must first administer creative CPR by teaching them the basics of art. Their creativity must be revived and nurtured.

Artificial Intelligence is sitting on a fence poised to leap upon our soulful creativity and devour it with a superficial soullessness called Post Humanism from which humanity may never recover as the very name implies.

When the constant, incoming cyber-programming destroying the minds of our children is replaced by teaching them how be creative in their own right, we will see a shift in humanity’s evolution toward a more ascended way of being. To this end Jane Evershed wrote the book Splat! Which teaches how to teach art to our children and to ourselves. If you are among the “art frozen” you can easily start over with a fresh perspective by revisiting the art basics.

According to a NASA Study 98% of us are born creative geniuses yet by adulthood this has diminished to 2%. We must make a concerted effort to remedy this by revisiting visual art as it has the capacity to reignite our dying creative neurons. Employing our new artistic skills and resulting critical thinking skills, we are then able to use our knowledge learned from studying the basics of art and apply them to the larger world around us.

Composing now from an infinite number of elements available to us, (not just art materials), we are able to manifest a more aesthetically beautiful and healing environment by incorporating holism and new technologies such as energy, sound and light, into our creative endeavors. This is the true purpose of art fulfilled.

When one invests their creative talent toward harmful entities that are not serving humanity one must recognize this and withdraw their creative input from that oppressive entity and rather seek to deposit one’s creative currency into only those endeavors that uplift humanity and provide spiritual nutrition.

Human Creative Currency is then set to play a huge role in the coming age of enlightenment. As Jane says: “Our creative currency has the ability to make of this earth the paradise it was always meant to be, we can bring Heaven to Earth”

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