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That junk lying at the bottom

Of the hacked-off

Christmas Tree

Emanating mass consumption

And gluttony

With its dimming bulbs

No longer bedazzles me

For I discovered

The cosmic wisdom

Of Prime Creator Source

Who gifted me

An ancient glorious thing,

Having set its course

Eons ago

Throughout the limbs

Of what I now know to be

A far superior tree


My beautifully wrapped

Birthright of Sovereignty

Presented now

As the expression of


The brightest of lights

Lit by the

Tree of Life of course

Then I beheld

So thoughtfully inscribed

My true heavenly name

Which had formerly been enslaved

On a demonic holographic plane

No longer incompletely stranded

In fully-beaded sacredness

I now saw before me

A Kristal Spiral stair

Upon which I alighted

With divine creation flair

And I’ve been dancing since

In ever higher realms

Of bliss and innocence

Laughing with my other selves

Who haven’t got here yet.

Ascension 1 copy 2.jpg

 Signed Print Available

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