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WUT? U DON'T have 2B an artist 2 Tch art!

It's all here under one roof! The ten basic steps of art, inspiration methods, a progress chart and a celebration of completion award!

Hands on creativity is dying out due to techno-interference! Our children are frantically punching at devices for satisfaction hits and superficial program highs threatening to cut off their human soul-connection to source, when they could be grounding by creating art.

Adults of all ages benefit highly from learning visual art because creativity has a way of extending itself out into all areas of life which in turn makes all of life more interesting. Indeed, ART is an outstanding feature of all highly evolved civilizations.

To reinvigorate your artistic self?

To learn creative sovereignty through art?

To affirm that you are creative energy in human form?

To be able to illustrate or decorate that great idea of yours?

Are you wanting to teach art… or hone your art-teaching skills?

Feeling art-frozen… wishing to learn how to defrost your artistic self?

Are you an art teacher who is frustrated with the educational art system?

Wanting to learn to teach art to loved ones who have shown an eager interest in

art even though you have never considered yourself a person who is able to teach art?

Are you wanting to be part of a new art-paradigm in the new world we are creating?

To apply the art basics in such a way that can allow the subconscious mind to take

over by naturally defaulting from the rules as you learn to create the from soul?

To experience being a conscious part of changing the art landscape of life?

To express your connection to source and humanity… especially now?

Feeling called to learn to contextualize the Great Art Awakening?

To prepare to delve into your natural-born creator-self?

And to connect with the Cosmos for inspiration?

Welcome aboard to your new artistic self!

If you know anyone who fits this list please share this info!

The state of art health in the world today is being threatened by a highly amped up firewall of technological infiltration into society on every level. Teaching and learning the Basics of Art goes a long way to solving this dilemma. It is imperative to teach art to our children. Children who learn art can halt and reverse the constantly invading cyber-flow from devices that encrypt their minds into a subliminal virtual matrix. Hands on, get-muddy art produces a wholly organic, external creative-existence mode. This way of being and knowing then stays with them as they grow, as it is a rich authentic way of being.

Adults can learn to teach art to loved ones and mentor other children that they notice have an interest in art. SPLAT!


There are only ten steps to the teachings of SPLAT!

Each section has their own set of lessons marked by

a red dot. Check off the lessons as you complete them

in the rainbow chart at the end of each section.

1. Drawing


3. Perspective

4. Composition

5. Rags to Riches (Care of Art Tools)

6. Brushes

7. The Color Wheel

8. Light and Shadow

9. Inspiration Methods

10. Facing a Blank Canvas

Grand Finale:

Confidently starting and successfully completing your canvas,

Receiving your Art Basics Celebration of Completion.

If you know anyone who would be interested please share this info! Thank you in advance!!!

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