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The Greatest Art Heist!

It's not what you think!

The art was not stolen from an art institute, this theft was stolen from the prestigious Gallery of Humanity! You could call it the great Brain Robbery!

Have you ever heard of the Internet of Bodies? Neither had I? GASP!!!

Details from TRANSCENDENCE DANCE by Jane Evershed

By implementing high-tech health care solutions as part of an emerging sector of medical technologies that monitor personal health data, the Internet of Bodies has a back door entrance to the Gallery of Creative Consciousness . Your body becomes connected to the Internet, which will allow remote brain interface and therefore enable the monitoring of your very thoughts!

As these smart devices evolve without our consent or knowledge as to how pervasive they are, the line between human and machine melds creating huge concerns about human privacy rights. We are also not informed as to the extent of this invasion by external interference-interfacing by remote control technology. By an insidious sleight of mind, we are persuaded that it is all for the advancement of our "Health Care" alone. It is not.

Who is to say that we will have access to our soul connection to source after they are done with diddling with our psyches? One could think of it like the internet, for we are electrical beings. The internet can be monitored, hacked and enable the highlighting of agendas by search engine results that produce articles beneficial to an over-arching hidden agenda.

Think of all the censorship and mind-control inserts popping up beneath individual statements on social media to persuade alternate viewpoints to influence the recipient of the original material posted, to "Change their mind"?

Now replace the internet with a human body. Any solutions offered to healing the demise of humanity can be edited out by those with preferences as to what they would like to see. Creative thought can be edited within the human subject matter to suit the agenda of an end game which clearly embodies all the grand schemes of Transhumanism: (the fusion of human beings with technology in an effort to alter human nature and design a technologically enhanced futuristic superhuman that can be remote controlled.)

Here is a simple example: I recently created a painting entitled Homo Spiritus Rearranging the Time/Space Continuum Toward Positive Human Evolution.

What if upon the execution of said painting my brain is scrambled remotely and I am prevented from painting this imagery? What if my thinking process is infiltrated and am convinced by remote technology that this concept is worthless and I should move on with other ideas? This can be done with any creative endeavor that does not support the system that the patentees of said tech, have in mind. Your ideas can be subverted. Want to establish an off the grid permaculture community? Forget it. They will have access to your thoughts and intercept them from without and within.

How this is done is explained in my previous blog but briefly humans are being injected with synthetic nanotech substances from Graphene Oxide to biopolymers making them electronically trackable and therefore able to be monitored and influenced by external forces. This is an ethical abomination, not to be dismissed.

This is the point where the creation of original art and ideas goes out the window! Our souls and creative genius becomes intercepted and manipulated and original art becomes a thing of the past.

I don't know how to end this trajectory other than to recommend staying very far away from any health monitoring devices and any environmental situations where your human body data can be nabbed. The preservation of humanity's ability to create independently is at stake. Be very aware and pass this on to anyone you know that we might warn everyone of the coming plans within the Internet of Bodies and beyond. Do not allow the attempted Art Heist to have a chance to even get a big toe in that back door of the Gallery of Human Creative Consciousness.

Whatever your vision for a positive future is, hold on to it and act upon it now, whatever your field of interest is, get to work! Let us apprehend the possibility of those with ghastly inorganic plans for Homo Spiritus to determine our future!

Thank you!

Jane Evershed

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