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Teaching Art is DELICATE work...

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Here is my art-teaching philosophy in under 20 minutes.

If you like these art-teaching methods, prepare thyself and subscribe here to be notified when classes start.

NOT just for children! ALL beginner artists of any age are welcome!

Check out this testimonial from Billie (71)

“I have a vivid imagination of what I would like to see on a canvas in front of me but every time I’ve set it up the white board drains the image completely out of my mind. Self hypnotism and meditation assures me that my parents insisted art was a waste of time and the parental adult criticism lingers on.

I’m to the point that I would like to get past that now. It was never important until I saw your soulful energy in your paintings.

When you have your Splat presentation together, may I take it as if I am a child? That little girl who became embarrassed about her insignificant drawings is still wiping the tears from her eyes at the criticism (and I’m in my 70’s). We need to tend to that distress when we realize the child within is still hurting.

At least this is what I teach and I adamantly believe.

If you come to Columbus Ohio area, give me a call. We could have lunch and I can listen to your lovely accent.


Why isn't it a video? Calm down, you'll see!

Here is the audio again if you missed it.

Oh, did you want to see ANOTHER time-lapse video? lol

Here is a painting I did inspired by the people who live in the Ethiopian River basin and dress up in nature!

Now where were we? Oh yes,

Audio-only allows you to go about your day without being tethered to your device.

If you appreciate my method of teaching please share!

Here is where you can pre-purchase the classes;

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