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SPLAT! is published!!!!

It took me almost 3 years but I designed a way for humanity to get back in touch with their creativity! I just self published a book called SPLAT! which needs a magic boost! Hope you can help me share this. Splat! teaches how to unfreeze the art frozen and teach art in ten basic steps even if you are not an artist! It also teaches inspiration methods so that you can learn to create from soul. This is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Splat! offers the art basics with inspiration methods all under one roof. Learning and learning to teach the basics of art from scratch will go a long way toward recharging humanity’s artistic momentum. Laid out in a simple way art is made attainable for anyone. It includes meditations for creation for children and adults and the grand finale is facing a blank canvas with confidence. The concept is creative sovereignty, the tool is art, the vehicle is imagination and the cost is creative joy.

We must keep the sacred craft of art alive in our ever-expanding digital world. Teaching and learning art is vital to the positive evolution of humanity. People who are separated from their soul energy cease to be creative. The process of making art connects one to their soul essence. Being absorbed by the creative process relieves stress which is one of the greatest culprits proliferating dis-ease today. Once those creative neurons are firing, creativity naturally starts to show up in other areas of one’s life. Some people may just want to create a book of poetry that requires a decorative border, others to illustrate a simple children’s book. This does not require years attending an art academy to accomplish.

According to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA) scientists, a study on creativity levels revealed that 98% of children are born with a genius creativity level, by the time they reach ten years old only 30% of the children in the study were left in the genius category and by age fifteen that dropped to a staggering low of 12%. Sadly, after years of schooling adults are down to a measly 2% of those who were left with their creative genius intact! Click on the pic below to buy SPLAT!

What better reason could there be to stay in touch with creativity than studying visual art and maintain a high level of creativity throughout life? What better reason could be found to teach art to children and keep their creative genius alive and kicking from birth? When the creative neurons are kept firing we maintain healthy imaginations throughout life. So Splat yourself around the soul! Start being creative!

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