Once you learn the basics of art there is a magic trick that can take you ahead of your game in art, this is what I teach.

However I can only teach it once all the basics are in place because you can’t have one without the other. You can refine skills until the cows come home and draw better than the greatest master, yet your work will still seem mediocre.
For your art to stand out it needs to have something different. The uniqueness of your soul expressed. That is what moves people. That is what stands out.
When people see that depth of expression, they relate to it because it mirrors what is in their soul too.
I teach how to access this magic place and give you the basic tools to get there. You can spend the rest of your life refining your skills and creating better and better paintings instead of wasting years and years wallowing around in a skill set that any Adobe program can now create in a few clicks.


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OMG I forgot to blog about this milestone in my art life!


Earlier this year I attended the World Health Sovereignty Summit in Bali Indonesia at New Earth Haven.

It was thee most inspiring conference ever. I found my art legs as an art teacher there.

Honestly it changed my life. Creating art is the most overlooked aspect of human evolution! WHY? Because in our endeavor to evolve creatively, art is a pertinent keystone.

Evolving the creative synapses in the brain from an early age through artistic practice helps humanity to move forward into a more aesthetically evolved environment.

Dark, unexciting aesthetics hurt the brain/mind/heart's ability to strive toward a zenith of aesthetic existence. When we see stunning beauty we are aghast and emotionally moved at once. When we are constantly faced with gray factory-rendition-visuals; (commuter routes) we are daily-stilted in our creativity. Anyone learning art sees this naturally because the synapses of the brain do not agree with dull visuals by default.

Therefore art is a key to unlocking human potential. Once one has learned to be creative, one tends to amplify creativity in every area of one's life. The bright colors on a palette translate into life itself and apply themselves willy nilly to all aspects of life. To be continued...