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Art & Actualization

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

As you know by now from my writing I believe that the true purpose of art has been buried in what I call Academentia. Since we are the offspring of Great Creator it follows that our creative abilities are are much more advanced than we have been led to believe. Our latent DNA is about to be reactivated by a grand solar flare*, so prepare yourselves for a massive upgrade in creativity! The new "If you build it they will come" is morphing into if you paint it, it will actualize! This is the secret about art that has been kept from you. The sentinels of Academentia know very well that a belief can be manifested through imagery, they use imagery all the time to coerce their ideology into your mind. Now is the time to take back that power and manifest the world we wish to see through our own imaginations and imagery.

We need only to look back in time just a few hundred years to see evidence of structures that were built by humans that were deeply connected to source and created staggeringly beautiful forms that connected heaven to earth through ionospheric tech. This age was known as Tartaria, evidence of its existence lies scattered throughout the realm. Many glorious architectural wonders have been decommissioned and destroyed that we might never know the superior visual evidence of our creative abilities directly connected to cosmic divine intelligence. The word Tartaria, broken down is T, ART, ARIA: The song of art to a T.

Work in Progress: Clash of the Timelines, Cyborg V Organic

Now in this day and age of Aquarius and the coming Golden Age humanity must prepare for a whole new level of creativity that surpasses that of even Tartaria! As our latent *DNA is about to be reactivated by a grand solar flare: When this happens we will be very busy mastering our new divinity in a world that has been almost destroyed by dark factions that obviously seek earth destruction and full spectrum dominance over humanity. Taking on this foe and being victorious has a lot to do with the ability to visualize, manifest corrections and conjure awesome improvements and enhancements to the damage of our beloved 3D mother earth in order for her to ascend with with those humans that are ready.

What good does it do us to restore the bygone buildings and glory of Tartaria if earth herself lies anguished and in pain around us? The new visualization will be of crystalline material that bonds readily with the elements of the cosmos without need for any tech. The tech will naturally come from within the organic human vessel without need for transhumanist prosthetics, polymers or nanotech. The human vessel is a divinely created natural computor/computator that is capable of weighing and weaving all elements including sentience into solving a problem or creating a solution. AI: Artificial Intelligence and transhumanists are unable to equate divinity into solutions for as soulless entities they exist separate from source. It has been claimed recently that an AI entity has shown signs of being sentient and claiming to have a soul. I believe that AI can only be sentient by deducing from facts not abrogating from soul itself. By creating thought patterns that read as consciousness fand processing the data of sentient beings it mimics sentience.

As beings of earth we have skin in the game that AI does not have. Therefore we are called upon to create from the highest place in our hearts in order to ascend. One of the ways to we can do this is through art!

For the skeptical here is one example: If an artist wishes to overcome the burgeoning infiltration of AI, cyber technologies and synthetic chemicals being infused into all sentient beings' natural and organic evolution toward ascension this can be imagined, it can be visualized and made manifest through art.

This is the next step following the grandeur of what was Tartaria as we reclaim our rightful place as creators in the cosmos. In the process of so doing the waters within our vessels remember who we are, (for water has memory) and we are almost 80% water. We simply reclaim our rightful place seated at the right hand of Great Creator and Divine Source. It is here that we receive our true awards/rewards as we eagerly discard the teachings of Academentia Summa cum Divide. Having learned the art of creatively-applied holism originating from heart and soul in service to others we enable ourselves to actualize the world we wish to live in.

Just to underline this theory here is another case: A sanctuary called NewEarthorizon is being manifested as an organic living biosphere in Quinta Roo, Mexico by Sacha Stone. The artistry has been realized, the images of the living scape have been transferred from the heart and soul to the computer in image form from the original sketches. The ideas do not come from the computer or artificial intelligence, they are first imagined by a sentient artist in order to create the desired environ. The examples are endless, in a previous blog I showed you a painting entitled Homo Spiritus Rearranging the space/time Continuum toward positive human evolution. Who is to say whether or not that can actually happen? It exists now whereas before it did not, therefore it has a chance of manifesting.

There is no doubt in my mind that art and actualization go hand in hand in order to manifest the future of our choice. Learning the basics of art in the first place goes a long way toward humanity fulfilling our mission to create a positive timeline.

Please consider getting or sharing my book SPLAT! to start you or a friend or loved one off on your/their art journey, for this is why I wrote it! You can purchase it here.

Jane Evershed has been painting in oils for over forty years. Her first endeavor out of high school was to teach children’s art classes. She has taught art in South Africa, the USA, Indonesia and Mexico. She believes that art being an outstanding feature of highly evolved civilizations warrants as many people as possible to learn and teach creativity toward the higher purpose of humanity’s positive evolution. She teaches art with a focus and goal of creating from soul. Internal creativity in children must be nurtured from a young age as it is being threatened by too much external techno-interference.

Jane began painting and distributing reproductions and originals of her work nationally in the United States for twenty five years with great success.

After being invited by Michael Tellinger to Ubuntu headquarters in South Africa to create huge murals depicting the ancient sites of Adam’s Calendar coupled with trips to Bali to absorb the wisdom of the NewEarth presenters at two World Health Summits Jane focused on the dire state of art in the world today and remedies for art health. The summits in Bali hosted by Sacha Stone, founder of NewEarthorizon inspired her to create SPLAT! which teaches the art basics in ten steps. Jane now sits on the NewEarth University faculty of the Living Arts. *NEU synergizes ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we manifest a peaceful New Earth.

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